Treasure! This Lamborghini Espada sits in a warehouse for 30 years

One fantasy that everyone wants is to find treasure. A valuable item that is in an isolated location but of extraordinary value.

Treasures can be associated with anything as long as they are of high value and car legendary and iconic is definitely very can be called a treasure.

In an episode of The Late Brake Show, Jonny Smith finds a treasure trove of Lamborghini Espada.

This iconic car has been stored in a real warehouse for over 30 years, near Kendal, a city in English.

The story is also extraordinary because no one really knows why the owner of this Lamborghini Espada left him all this time.

This mysterious figure has stored three cars, namely the Lamborghini Espada, Vauxhall Calibra, dan Vauxhall Cavalier.

Apparently, both Vauxhalls were parked to protect the Lamborghini Espada so thieves couldn’t steal the classic hypercar without moving the other two cars.

We also see in the video the discovery that the Lamborghini is hidden under the boards and that it’s generally in good condition for a car that hasn’t been driven all this time.

The absence of light in the warehouse is not without reason and it is also surprising to see that he was spared from the rats which only partially damaged his body.

Abandoned Lamborghini Espada

The story that can be extracted, the owner of these three cars rented this warehouse from the land owner. The host explained that this man had stopped paying rent.

In fact, it never came to claim its property. As for the land owner, he never touched the three cars.

The owner of the land died last year and it was the new owner of the land who discovered this and so this video.

Between 1968 and 1978 Lamborghini produced more than 1,200 Espada. This specimen is getting rarer because the steering wheel is on the right.

This Lamborghini Espana is one of 130 units produced by Lamborghini with this configuration.

Another surprise, this Lamborghini Espada only drove as far as 7,242 kilometers although it remains to be seen whether it is accurate or not.

To be sure, no one has any desire to leave a Lamborghini Espada in the warehouse if we have one.

The assumption also arises that this car is stolen or the real owner has died and without an heir who knows this treasure.

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