Trend: Vazrazhdane is ahead of BSP, Stefan Yanev’s party enters parliament – Politics

The leader of

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The leader of “Vazrazhdane” Kostadin Kostadinov

The largest opposition party, GERB, is the first political force to say they will vote in a possible parliamentary election. This is according to a Trend survey conducted among 1,002 respondents through a direct semi-standardized face-to-face interview between May 4th and 11th and funded by the 24 Chasa newspaper.

The potential voters of Boyko Borissov’s party are 23.8% of the voters, and after a new drop in support “We continue the change” is second in confidence with 17.5%. Compared to April, the supporters of GERB increased by 0.2 percentage points, and those of the formation of Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev decreased by 2.6.

The MRF would be in third place in a possible election with 10.9%. Vazrazhdane is already the fourth political force, with 10.1% of those polled saying they would vote for Kostadin Kostadinov’s party, which has risen by nearly one percentage point in a month. BSP are fifth with 9.5%. The party of the caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev “Bulgarian Rise” will manage to enter the parliament, as 7.6% of the people have announced that they will support it. “Democratic Bulgaria” and “There is such a people” will also find a place in the National Assembly if there are early elections.

“Stand up, Bulgaria” (2%) and IMRO (1.5%) remain below the 4% threshold for entering parliament.

There is an outflow of support for the government. 70% of the respondents evaluate the work of the cabinet negatively, and in just one month this percentage has increased by 12%. 71% of those polled described the work of parliament as negative, with a jump of 5% per month. 50 percent of the respondents were in favor of the president’s work, not taking into account differences compared to the same period a month ago.

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