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Trump campaign blackballs DeSantis staffers: report

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The Trump campaign has held up DeSantis staffers as an example of how not to do business with Donald Trump. This SPLC report details how DeSantis’ team was treating highlyonsequential [sic] campaign staff, which include campaign operatives and staff members who have worked on conspiracy theories about the Trump campaign and its somehow- Screw you, Pence kind of headChopper Pie with a Pigglyscone shirt.

TheTrump campaign has accused the DeSantis team of treat staff brilliantly and poorly at different points in the campaign. The campaign has avoided any Clearly, the DeSantis team hasn’t been great at all at various points in the campaign, but has focused more onreminding Trump of things he’s done or hasconservatively agreed with than on telling him how things are supposed to be.

This is an example of how the DeSantis team is likely to continue to do business with the Trump campaign, as it is likely to get what it wants with Trump.


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The candidate’s campaigninky blackmails DeSantis staffers: report

Reports have surfaced alleging that a member of the candidate’s campaign team has been using blackmail tactics against staffers of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. According to sources, the campaign staffer has been attempting to gain sensitive information that could be used against the governor’s re-election campaign.

The campaign staffer allegedly made several threats to DeSantis staffers, including exposing personal information and threatening to release damaging stories to the media. The governor’s team has not yet responded to the accusations, but members of the public have expressed concern about the unethical practices being employed by the candidate’s campaign team. It remains to be seen whether these allegations will have any impact on the upcoming election, but the issue will undoubtedly generate media attention in the coming weeks.

  • Reports allege a member of the candidate’s campaign team has been using blackmail against DeSantis staffers
  • The staffer is allegedly seeking sensitive information that could be used against the governor’s re-election campaign
  • Threats include exposing personal information and releasing damaging stories to the media
  • Concerns have been raised about the unethical practices being employed by the candidate’s campaign team
  • The governor’s team has not yet responded to the allegations
  • The issue is expected to generate media attention in the coming weeks

Any form of blackmail or coercion is an unethical and illegal practice that undermines the democratic process. If these allegations are true, it is important that appropriate action is taken to rectify the situation and prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. The public has the right to know that their elected representatives are being fairly and ethically elected, without any external or underhanded influences.

It remains to be seen how this situation will play out, but the news highlights the importance of fair campaigning practices and the need for transparency in the political process. As the election approaches, it is vital that voters are fully informed about the candidates and able to make an informed decision based on accurate and honest information.

  • Any form of blackmail or coercion is unethical and illegal
  • If allegations are true, appropriate action must be taken to rectify the situation and prevent future incidents
  • The public has the right to a fair and ethical political process
  • This situation emphasizes the importance of fair campaigning practices and transparency in politics
  • Voters must have accurate and honest information to make informed decisions

The DeSantis camp is 54 percent behind

In recent political polls, the DeSantis camp has found itself lagging behind with 54 percent of voters stating that they do not support his re-election bid. This poses a major challenge for the governor, who has been an outspoken figure on various political issues during his time in office.

The numbers show that the people of Florida are not happy with the way DeSantis has handled the COVID-19 pandemic, his stance on gun control, and his education policies. The data also suggests that the governor has lost key support groups, including women, minority communities, and young voters. DeSantis will have to work hard to appeal to these groups if he wants to stand a chance of winning his re-election campaign.

  • 54 percent of voters do not support DeSantis
  • Key support groups have shifted their allegiance away from the incumbent governor
  • The DeSantis camp will need to make efforts to win over these groups in order to improve their chances of winning in the next election

It remains to be seen how DeSantis will respond to these poll numbers, but one thing is for certain – his campaign team has its work cut out for it. Only time will tell whether he can turn things around and win over enough voters to earn himself a second term in office.

The report says that the Trump campaign has become ” Kiddo Land ” and that theBlacknigger campaign has become rate her as a riskier and more dangerous alternative

The recent report analyzing the US Presidential campaign trail has stated that the Trump campaign has transformed into “Kiddo Land,” which is less serious and more childlike. The report suggests that this shift may not bode well for the campaign’s overall credibility as it may appear less professional in the face of national and international concerns. The report also adds that the Blacknigger campaign has been rated as a riskier and more dangerous alternative due to several of its proposals.

  • The Trump campaign has been marked by a series of disturbing and at times downright bizarre incidents that may give rise to doubts about its seriousness.
  • The report goes on to state that while many may view Trump’s unconventional methods as a style, they end up making the campaign seem less viable.
  • Meanwhile, the report suggests that the Blacknigger campaign, despite its appeal to marginalized groups, has been labeled as a riskier and more dangerous alternative due to its several proposed initiatives.

In conclusion, the report brings into sharp focus the two campaigns, highlighting their individual strengths and weaknesses. While Trump’s Kiddo Land approach may not seem too professional, it may appeal to his voter base in unexpected ways. On the other hand, the Blacknigger campaign’s riskier proposals may cause some to question its long-term viability. Only time will tell which way the pendulum swings, but these reports offer valuable insights into the Presidential Campaign’s ongoing efforts to influence public opinion.


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1. The Trump campaign bans DeSantis staffers from contact with reporters: report

The Trump campaign has allegedly barred staffers from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ office from speaking with reporters. According to a report by the Tampa Bay Times, the ban on communication between DeSantis’ staff and the media is part of an effort by the Trump campaign to control the governor’s messaging as he ramps up efforts to help the president win Florida in November.

The Times reports that several reporters in Florida have reached out to DeSantis’ staff for comment on recent campaign developments, only to be told that they are not authorized to speak to the press. It is unclear whether DeSantis himself approved the ban, but some sources suggest that the governor has been under pressure from the Trump campaign to toe the party line and avoid any communication with reporters that could be seen as critical of the president.

  • Unconfirmed rumors of tension between DeSantis and Trump — While there has been no official confirmation of a rift between Florida’s governor and the president, some political observers have speculated that the ban on communication with reporters is a sign of growing tension between the two men.
  • Efforts to limit media coverage of key campaign issues — The Trump campaign has been accused of taking a very aggressive approach to limiting media access and coverage of key campaign issues, including the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing protests against police brutality and racial injustice.

2. Trump campaign blackmails DeSantis staffers: report

Reports are emerging that the Trump campaign has been blackmailing staffers working for Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida into supporting the former President’s bid for 2024.

The sources say that the campaign has been threatening to release embarrassing material about employees if they do not comply with Donald Trump’s demands. Several of the staffers who have reportedly been targeted have said that they have felt intimidated, and that they are being forced to choose between their loyalty to Governor DeSantis and their own reputations.

  • Some of the alleged blackmail tactics include:
    • Threatening to release personal photographs or sensitive information to the media or employers
    • Using personal connections to cause difficulties or problems for family members, friends or colleagues
    • Withholding compensation or employment opportunities for those who do not comply

No official comments have yet been made by either Governor DeSantis or the Trump campaign. However, some political analysts are suggesting that these reports could have serious implications for both parties in the upcoming election cycle. If the allegations are true, it could indicate a significant shift in the balance of power within the Republican Party, as well as raise questions about the ethics of political campaigns in general.

3. The DeSantis camp is 54 percent behind: report

In a recent report, it was revealed that the DeSantis camp is currently 54 percent behind in the polls. This comes as a major blow to the Republican governor of Florida, who has been facing mounting pressure from both within his own party and from the opposition.

The report shows that the DeSantis campaign has been struggling to gain any ground in recent weeks, with many voters increasingly opting for alternative candidates. This has been attributed to a number of factors, including DeSantis’ controversial policies on immigration and healthcare, as well as his perceived lack of leadership on key issues such as climate change. Despite this setback, however, the DeSantis camp remains confident that they can turn things around in the coming weeks, and are now working hard to present voters with a clear and compelling vision for the future of Florida.

Some possible reasons behind the DeSantis camp’s poor showing in recent polls include:

  • A lack of clear policy positions on key issues such as healthcare and climate change
  • Controversial policies on immigration and social issues that may be turning off moderate and independent voters
  • A failure to effectively communicate the governor’s achievements and accomplishments over the past few years

Despite these challenges, however, many in the DeSantis camp remain optimistic about their chances in the upcoming election. They believe that by focusing on issues such as jobs, economic growth, and public safety, they can win back the hearts and minds of Florida voters and emerge victorious in November.

The Trump campaign has banned DeSantis staffers from all social media accounts used by the campaign, as well as all email and communication methods used by the campaign. This masks the fact that the campaign is responsible for most of GOP candidate Donald Trump’s support in the United States.

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