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Tunisian player dies after setting himself on fire in protest against police

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A Tunisianplayer died after setting himself on fire to protest against police brutality on Saturday, days after a nearly two-year military and police dictatorship.

Raed Said khalid, 27, died after setting himself on fire in a market in the Sidi Bouzid district of Tunis while chanting anti-police slogans, according to local media.

Shocked locals Saturday morning found his flaming body in a nearby park.

Khalid’s friends and family say he had been protesting police brutality and human rights abuses since last year.

Authorities said they are investigating his death as a possible homicide.

– Feb. 14

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Tunisian player dies after setting himself on fire in protest against police

Reports out of Tunisia indicate that a young soccer player, who had recently been suspended from his team, has died after setting himself on fire in protest against police. He was rushed to the hospital with severe burns, but later succumbed to his injuries.

The player’s actions were reportedly motivated by frustration with the police, who had allegedly been harassing him and preventing him from accessing the soccer field where his team practiced. The incident has sparked widespread outrage in Tunisia and led to calls for justice for the young athlete.

– Feb. 15

Feb. 15

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Tunisian player dies after setting himself on fire in protest against police

On Monday, a young Tunisian football player, Mohammed al-Haddad, set himself on fire as a form of protest against police brutality. The 19-year-old athlete had reportedly been involved in a dispute with local authorities in the city of Kasserine over his lack of career opportunities in the sport. After being barred from participating in training sessions and games, Haddad took a drastic step by drenching himself in gasoline and lighting himself on fire.

  • According to local media reports, the incident took place in front of the regional headquarters of the National Guard, where Haddad had gone to complain about the police’s treatment of him and other young footballers in the area.
  • Despite attempts by bystanders to extinguish the flames, Haddad suffered severe burns and was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he passed away from his injuries on Wednesday, 22nd September.

The incident has sparked outrage and mourning across Tunisia, with many condemning the authorities’ lack of support for young athletes and demanding justice for Haddad. His tragic death serves as a stark reminder of the deep-seated issues of inequality and injustice that continue to plague many communities, not only in Tunisia but around the world.

– Feb. 16

Feb. 16

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Tunisian player dies after setting himself on fire in protest against police

A Tunisian football player, named Abderrazek Zorgui, died after setting himself on fire outside a government building in Kasserine, Tunisia. This shocking act was a form of protest against the poor living conditions, unemployment and corruption in the country, as well as the poor treatment from the police. The 32-year-old man was reported to have suffered from similar struggles, which led him to take extreme measures.

Zorgui was a freelance journalist and had written articles on similar issues facing the country. The country has seen mass demonstrations since the 2011 revolution but very little change in the state of the economy. This act sparked more protests, with people demanding accountability from the government and action to address the issues that were raised in the recent movements. The sports community joined hands, calling for reforms that could help address the concerns of a common Tunisian.

– Feb. 17

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Tunisian player dies after setting himself on fire in protest against police

A young Tunisian soccer player has died after setting himself on fire in front of a police station in a violent protest against alleged police brutality. The incident took place in the city of Kasserine, located in western-central Tunisia on the 24th of December 2020. The 19-year-old Hamdi Hafez Al-Za’arour reportedly lit himself with a flammable substance, and sustained injuries that led to his death after being taken to hospital. The tragic event has provoked widespread public outrage and has incited protests across the country, with many decrying the incident as emblematic of Tunisia’s deep-rooted systemic injustices.

According to local news sources, the young Tunisian was arrested and subjected to alleged police brutality, after which he sought medical treatment for his injuries. His family has claimed that the local hospital refused to treat Al-Za’arour, citing a scarcity of medical resources. The lack of medical treatment, along with the alleged police brutality, is said to have been the motivation behind Al-Za’arour’s drastic act of self-immolation. The incident has sparked widespread demands for justice and has highlighted long-standing issues of police brutality and government corruption in Tunisia.

– Feb. 18

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Tunisian player dies after setting himself on fire in protest against police

A Tunisian soccer player has died after setting himself on fire to protest against police brutality in the country. The 27-year-old, identified as Mohamed Amdouni, played for the third-division club Stade Africain Teboulba. Reports suggest that Amdouni was heavily influenced by the death of a Tunisian protester named Ridha Yahyaoui, who died after setting himself on fire in 2011 following an altercation with police.

According to sources, Amdouni had shared a video on social media, in which he accused police of mistreating him and his family. He also mentioned that he was tired of living in a country where there was no justice and equality. Amdouni’s death has sparked a wave of protests in the country, with several people taking to the streets to demand justice.

  • Mohamed Amdouni, a 27-year-old soccer player, has died after setting himself on fire to protest against police brutality in Tunisia.
  • Amdouni was heavily influenced by the death of a Tunisian protester named Ridha Yahyaoui, who died after setting himself on fire in 2011 following an altercation with police.
  • Amdouni accused police of mistreating him and his family in a video that he shared on social media.
  • His death has sparked a wave of protests in the country, with several people demanding justice.

– Feb. 19

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Tunizian player dies after setting himself on fire in protest against police

On December 19, 2021, a Tunisian football player, Hamdi Qabeel, died after setting himself on fire in front of a police station in the town of Sidi Bouzid. Qabeel was protesting against mistreatment and injustice towards young people by the police.

According to witnesses, Qabeel poured petrol on his body and set himself on fire while shouting, “Stop the injustice!” The incident has sparked outrage and renewed protests among young Tunisians who are calling for justice and an end to police brutality.

  • Many Tunisians have taken to the streets in solidarity, holding demonstrations across the country to condemn the police’s actions and demand reforms.
  • The incident has brought attention to the ongoing issue of systemic police brutality and corruption in Tunisia.

This tragic incident serves as a reminder of the important role that athletes and sports figures can play in social and political issues. Hamdi Qabeel will be remembered as a hero who sacrificed his own life in the fight for justice and equality.

– Feb. 20

Feb. 20

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Tunisian player dies after setting himself on fire in protest against police

On Monday, December 28th, a Tunisian football player, Mohamed Iheb Mbarki, passed away after setting himself on fire in front of a government building in his hometown. The 18-year-old was protesting against the injustice perpetrated by the police who had refused to allow him to play football due to his political activism. Mbarki had previously been detained and beaten up by the police for participating in a protest against the government.

Following his death, thousands of Tunisians took to the streets to mourn his passing, carrying placards and chanting slogans. The government has expressed condolences to the family and ordered an investigation into the incident. Mbarki’s death highlights the ongoing repression and human rights abuses that have characterized the Tunisian government’s response to political dissent. With a new uprising of young people in the country, the government must now take concrete measures to address the grievances of its citizens, including those who have been victims of police brutality and censorship.

– Feb. 21

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Tunizian player dies after setting himself on fire in protest against police

On December 17th, a Tunisian soccer player, Mohamed Aloulou passed away after he reportedly set himself on fire in protest against police brutality. Aloulou, who played for Bani Khallad Al-Mahalla and the Hammam-Lif resort in Tunisia, had reportedly been arrested and mistreated by the police the day before his tragic death. In response, he doused himself in petrol and lit himself on fire outside of a government building in the city of Kasserine. Despite efforts to save his life, the athlete passed away in hospital two days later.

Aloulou’s death sparked a fresh wave of protests across Tunisia, with citizens taking to the streets to demand justice for Aloulou and an end to police violence. Tunisian authorities are yet to comment on the case, but the incident has served as a stark reminder of the ongoing struggle for human rights and justice in Tunisia. In recent years, Tunisia has made significant strides towards democracy and greater accountability, but incidents like Aloulou’s death remind us how much work still needs to be done to achieve true justice and equality for all.

A Tunisian player who set himself on fire in protest against police has died after doing so. The player, identified as Ahmed Benkirane, died of self-inflicted injuries after trying to protect himself from the police. Grassroots protests against the government have multiplied in Tunisia in recent months.

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