Turn: Rachkov and Ignatova got together / Photo /

For the first time, Dimitar Rachkov gathered almost the entire team of “Masters of the Air”. Rachkov welcomed in the studio of the “Forbidden Show” the producer Judy Halvadjian and the first person in the team of the show – Krassimira Petrova. Next to them in the studio were the presenters Maria Ignatova, Malin Krastev, Gerasim Georgiev – Gero, Nencho Balabanov and Rumen Ugrinski, and with a video connection the viewers also saw the beloved Vasil Vassilev – Zueka. Reporters Vasko Mavrikov, Eva Veselinova, Victoria Simeonova, Bobi Vaklinov and David Slavchev told the most curious cases during their reports. Ten of the adrenaline junkies of “Masters of the Air” also shared their favorite moments and greeted the audience with a special dance together.

“It’s 20 years of work and a lot of talent gathered in one place – I see it around me now. I was very touched by all the shots I saw and took me back to the time when everything was done with great love and enthusiasm, “said Judy Halvadjian.

Thus, Dimitar Rachkov and Maria Ignatova showed that as educated people, they tend to bury the tomahawk.


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