UAE general charged with torture elected President of Interpol

Interpol on Thursday elected President Ahmed Naser and Raisy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) accused of torture, despite concerns by human rights organizations about the risk of Interpol being exploited by repressive regimes.

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The UAE general’s presidency of Interpol follows generous funding from the UAE to an international organization based in Lyon, France, while alleging that Abu Dhabi abused Interpol’s “red alert” suspect search system to persecute political dissidents.

General Raisi was elected after three rounds of voting with 68.9% of the vote, Interpol said in a statement.

Complaints of torture against Raises have been filed in recent months in France and Turkey, where the Interpol General Assembly is taking place this week.

Raisi, the former head of the UAE security forces, will take up a largely ceremonial post at Interpol for a four-year term.

The German Secretary General of Interpol, Jürgen Stock, will continue to manage the day-to-day tasks of the organization. He was appointed in 2019 for another five-year term.

Raisi joined the UAE police in 1980 and has worked there for several decades.

One of the complaints against Raisis was filed by British Matthew Hedge. He alleges that he was tortured while detained in the UAE in 2018 during a study trip on false espionage charges.

In another complaint, lawyers from the Gulf Human Rights Center (GCHR) accuse the general of torturing government critic Ahmed Mansur.

Two complaints lodged in France, including GCHR, have been closed due to a lack of jurisdiction.

According to William Burdon, a lawyer at the GCHR, “a new complaint will be lodged when Raisy moves to France”.

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