UN worries about proliferation of facial recognition

In the absence of a comprehensive framework, the UN has published a press release and a report warning of the risks that new surveillance technologies pose to human rights. As drones and artificial intelligence tools have become widespread in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the UN is calling for a moratorium on the sale and use of these technologies.

AI technologies can have catastrophic effects if human rights are not protected

According to the UN report, because of the complexity of these technologies, and the lack of transparency on the part of government and private actors about their implementation, citizens cannot understand the implications and effects of the systems of technology. ‘AI on the company and their own rights. The report points to previously noted dysfunctions, such as AI tools that have prevented people from receiving social assistance, finding jobs, or leading to arrests of innocent people. Automated decisions that can turn out to be catastrophic. Despite these risks, it is impossible, according to the report, to do without this technology, because “the usefulness of AI for the population is undeniable”. According to Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, it is up to states to impose a moratorium on these technologies.

Soon a European framework to regulate surveillance technologies?

In Europe, facial recognition is one of the concerns of the Commission. On April 21, a proposal for a regulation aimed at harmonizing and regulating artificial intelligence, facial recognition, traceability and surveillance applications was presented.

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