Unfortunately, Anti-vaccine YouTuber Gets Complications from COVID-19, Dies While Sleeping


A couple known to be anti-vaccinated died from COVID-19. The pair Dusty and Tristan Graham from Huntsville are popular for having a YouTube channel selling antiques.

Quoted from Daily Mail, Saturday (18/9/2021) the couple known as the ‘Alabama Pickers’ have publicly discussed how they believe vaccines are a violation of human rights and have no intention of accepting them in their YouTube video.

Dusty also died of COVID-19, three weeks after his wife ‘died suddenly in his sleep’ due to complications from the coronavirus.

“Unfortunately Dusty and Tristan have passed away. Thank you for all the kind words and helping us during this difficult time,” wrote the couple’s daughter, Windsor Graham on the page. GoFundMe.

In one of their last videos posted earlier this year, the pair showed their anti-vaccine stance and said they had no intention of getting vaccinated.

“Still not planning to get one,” Dusty said.

Dusty says he has managed to survive without a vaccine for the past year and knows of friends who contracted the virus along with their two children.

In late August, Dusty appealed for funds to help pay for his wife’s funeral expenses while she was in the ICU on her own.

“Tristan died suddenly in his sleep on Wednesday, from complications of COVID-19. I am currently in the ICU myself, struggling, but will be looking at some expenses in the next week: medical, funeral, burial plot, expenses, coffin, etc. ,” he wrote.

The son of Windsor, wrote in Facebook how his father was placed on a ventilator in recent days and asked for prayers for the family.

“I want to thank everyone who reached out to check on me and my brother. ‘For now, just waiting and praying for his body to relax,’ he wrote.

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