US Air Force pilot refused to repeat maneuver of Russian colleague out of fear

Moscow, September 27. The US Air Force pilots tried to replicate the unique trick of the Russian Su-30SM fighter with “peeking” into the cargo hold, but failed. Already in the sky, the American pilot refused to perform the maneuver due to fear of collision, writes NewInform.

In December 2017, the multifunctional Russian Su-30SM “looked” into the cargo hold of a heavy transport Il-76 during a flight over Syria. The maneuver demonstrating the skill of Russian pilots was recorded on video. The video quickly became popular on the Web, and many pilots from other countries wanted to repeat the Russian trick.

Recently, a video appeared on the Internet in which specialists from the US Air Force are trying to perform a maneuver. The American pilots decided not only to repeat the trick, but also made their task more difficult. They positioned four fighters behind the transport aircraft at once: two F-15s, as well as a Panavia Tornado bomber and an Eurofighter Typhoon. The pilots tried to line up the sides in a straight line, but to no avail.

This experiment was commented on by an aviation specialist, candidate of technical sciences and major general Vladimir Popov. He noted that the very idea of ​​the pilots from the USA to repeat the maneuver of their Russian colleagues is good, since such training allows specialists to learn from each other.

He explained the failure of the Americans by the fact that the ability to perform aerobatic figures and maneuvers is determined not only by the skill of the pilot, but also by the technical capabilities of the aircraft. According to him, US fighters differ from Russian ones in a number of characteristics, including mass and speed, which should also be borne in mind.

The expert also listed a number of aerobatics that pilots from other countries have not been able to replicate today. Among them are the famous “Pugacheva’s Cobra” (tail-forward flight) and the corkscrew “Falling leaf”.



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