US wants to fly Haitians home under Texas bridge

The US government wants to expedite the expulsion of a large group of migrants gathered under a bridge in Texas. Starting tomorrow, they must be returned by air to their countries of origin. It is mainly about Haitians, but there are also people from South America.

In recent days, the large group of migrants flooded the Texas village of Del Rio. Because the town cannot handle the large crowds, about 12,000 people camp under a bridge over the Rio Grande. The conditions are appalling: it is hot, sanitary facilities are scarce and the migrants have to arrange their own water and food.

About 400 officials have now been sent to the bridge to process the crowds. About 2000 people have already been taken to refugee camps. The Department of Homeland Security says it wants to quickly deport people who are not allowed to stay in the US.

“Our borders are not open,” a spokesperson emphasized. “People should not make this dangerous journey.”

That doesn’t stop many migrants from crossing the river at Del Rio:

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