Usury risk, in Brescia there are 3,444 non-performing companies

There are 176,400 Italian companies that are in distress and at risk of usury: one in three is in the South and Brescia has 3,444. Rome, Milan, Naples and Turin are the territorial realities most in difficulty. It is – notes the CGIA (Italian General Confederation of Artisans) in a note – of non-financial corporations and producer households which have been reported to the Central Credit Register of the Bank of Italy and for this reason they cannot access any loan disbursed by the legal financial channel, “thus risking – it is claimed – to close or slip into the arms of the usurers”. The CGIA therefore hopes that the Government will enhance the resources of the “Wear prevention fund” and help banks to support businesses, especially small ones. Last March, Rome was in first place with 13,310 companies, followed by Milan (9,931), Naples (8,159), Turin (6,297), Florence (4,278) and Brescia (3,444).

The least affected provinces are the least populated ones: Belluno (360), Isernia (333), Verbano-Cusio-Ossola (332) and Aosta (239). The area most at risk is the South with 57,992 companies in distress (32.9% total), then the Center (44,854, 25.4%), the Northwest (43,457, 24.6%) and finally the Northeast (30,070, 17%).

In 22 years of life, the average amount of loans disbursed by the Fund was approximately € 50,000 for SMEs and € 20,000 for citizens and families. From 1998 to 2020, the State provided 670 million euros to the Confidi and Foundations, which guaranteed loans for a total amount of approximately 2 billion.