Uteck Cup | The Carabins, so close to the goal

Every process takes place one step at a time. Before dreaming of the Vanier Cup, the Carabins must lift the Uteck Cup. And to do that, they’ll have to beat the University of Saskatchewan Huskies on Saturday afternoon at CEPSUM.

Posted on November 25, 2021 at 3:28 p.m.

Katherine Harvey-Pinard

Katherine Harvey-Pinard

There is only one opponent that separates the Carabins de l’Université de Montréal from the fourth national final in their history. The course has been long, but beautiful for the men of Marco Iadeluca, who have lost only once in eight duels this season.

“It’s not easy to get here,” the head coach said at a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

“There are 4 teams left out of the 27 who started the season. We feel that the guys are excited, it’s a great opportunity for us. Playing in front of our fans makes it even more special. ”

Just over 48 hours from setting foot on the pitch, defensive lineman Tommy Mercier and receiver Carl Chabot, also present virtually, seemed serene and, above all, ready.

The Blues, who won the Dunsmore Cup on November 14, have had a week longer than their opponents to prepare, with the Huskies playing their last game on November 20. This extra time was also beneficial in healing injuries. The team will nevertheless have spent two weeks without playing. Can it be a disadvantage? the three men were asked.

“Of course it can be something to manage,” agreed Iadeluca. On the other hand, we had two weeks of rest this year in the season of our regular calendar, so this is not our first experience. This is the third time we’re going to experience this in the year, so I think we’re pretty well prepared on this side. ”

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“Personally, I found that the energy was there all past week, meanwhile said Tommy Mercier. I think we’re ready. ”

Power duel

In the Dunsmore Cup final, the Carabins defeated the Rouge et Or for the third time this season – a first in a campaign. These victories have given the team some confidence, agreed Tommy Mercier, but the past is what it is: the past.

The Huskies are “totally another team, other players and other guys,” said the 23-year-old student-athlete.

Let’s not forget that this is the first time that the two teams will face each other. Their only real way to prepare was to study videotapes.

“It brings some challenges because there are things you can’t replicate like physicality and speed,” explained the driver. These are things that are hard to assess on video because we do not know their opponents either. It represents an interesting challenge on this side. ”

“The good news is that it’s the same for both teams,” he added.

Offensively, the Saskatchewan team is notably third on the U Sports circuit for the number of points per game, or 36.2, and for the total number of yards per game, or 475.8.

“It’s a bit of a team like us in that they can run as much as they can throw the ball,” said the head coach. They are well balanced, and I think that always makes it harder for a defense, when an attack is able to excel on both sides. ”

“It’s a pretty big, very good, physical attacking line,” said Tommy Mercier. Our defensive line, we will really bet on our athleticism to try to make plays. ”

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Defensively, “it is their defensive front that is their strength,” noted the coach. It’s not a team that puts a lot of pressure because, precisely, with their defensive line, they manage to have a lot of pressure just with these four guys. Of course, the key, offensively, will be to counter these guys on the defensive front ”.

The last word belongs to Carl Chabot: “Nothing should be taken for granted. […] We know it’s a good football team and it’s going to be a good game. ”

That sets the table.

If the Carabins win against the Huskies on Saturday, they will advance to the Vanier Cup final, which will take place on December 4, at the PEPS of Laval University.

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