V Rising: New vampire open world survival game with gameplay trailer

September 19, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.
from Oliver Hunter
With V Rising from Stunlock Studios, an open-world action MMO was announced in May this year, which revolves around vampires and their known strengths and weaknesses. The developers recently published the first gameplay trailer for V Rising, which provides an insight into what is happening in the game.

This year the vampire theme got a little boost with the release of Resident Evil Village in May. In the same month, the development studio Stunlock announced their own open-world survival game in vampire guise, possibly to build on the success of Resident Evil Village. The game is called V Rising and puts the player in the role of a vampire who has to fight for his survival.

Thirst for blood, sunlight and locks

The player’s task in V Rising is to maintain the blood balance by hunting for the necessary blood in the surrounding settlements. As one is used to from vampire stories, dangers in the form of sunlight and garlic lurk on the player, which he has to evade. In the course of the game it should be possible to build your own castle, to which you should then be able to invite friends. The other tasks also include, “Loot villages, ambush bandits and immigrate to areas inhabited by supernatural monsters“.

The MMO character of V Rising shouldn’t be neglected either. Other players’ castles can be attacked or the role of the diplomat in a “Game of blood, power and betrayalFurthermore, V Rising offers the possibility to take part in PvE or PvP battles. The player should be able to enjoy both melee and ranged weapons and cast spells.

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To visualize what has been described, Stunlock Studios have the first gameplay trailer for V Rising on their September 15th Youtube-Kanal which gives a glimpse of what to expect in V Rising in just over two minutes. A release date is not yet known, but there is a possibility for those interested to sign up for the upcoming closed Beta and the newsletter to register for the game on the website.

V Rising: First gameplay trailer for the vampire open world survival game

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Those: Stunlock Studios via Steam

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