Vaccination vs. Covid-19 in Mexico, below Brazil and Argentina

According to an analysis by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Mexico is in 13th place, compared to 32 other nations in the region, in terms of the application of complete vaccination schemes against Covid -19.

Within the framework of the meeting of leaders of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, ECLAC presented the document “Guidelines and proposals for a health self-sufficiency plan for Latin America and the Caribbean”, where it was specified that, with a cut-off at 15 last September, and based on data from Our World in Data, in Mexico 44.8% of the population has the complete vaccination scheme against the coronavirus.

This percentage is below the average for Latin American nations, which is 47.3 percent.

In turn, the other two Latin American powers: Brazil (47.7%) and Argentina (59.3%) were located in positions 10 and seven, respectively, above Mexico.

The most advanced nations in the inoculation of their population were Chile (87.5%); Uruguay (86.4%) and Ecuador (81%); while the countries with the most retarded were Haiti (0.2%); Nicaragua (6.0%) and Jamaica (8.3%).

As a whole, ECLAC highlighted in the document, “the region will not be able to vaccinate 80% of its population in 2021”, while criticizing the world powers monopolizing the dose contracts against SARS-CoV-2.

“Acquisitions from some countries exceed their vaccination needs. The European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Japan account for 39% of the purchase commitments, with only 13% of the world population, ”the United Nations body specified.

Coordination between countries

ECLAC considered that one of the lessons learned for the region after the pandemic should be the “need to increase regional integration and coordination to create its own capacities for the development and production of vaccines and medicines.”

In this context, the body recommended seven lines of action, among which are a vaccine purchase mechanism at the regional level, regulatory flexibilities to access intellectual property and implement public purchase mechanisms to develop the regional market, among others.

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