Valera: There are many expectations for parliamentary work

He stressed that the Venezuelan opposition proposed “to resume the path of electoral participation.”

Given the achievement of having been chosen along with other deputies who oppose the government to the Legislative Council of Bolívar state (Cleb), Freddy Valera, secretary general of Democratic Action in Bolívar state, stressed that he is part of what the opposition proposed.

Through the Bureau of Democratic Unity, the opposition sector aimed to resume the path of participation.

“When we talk about electoral participation, it involves all levels of the Venezuelan political process, in the regional and municipal parliamentary process,” he said.

He expressed that the work that must be assumed as a parliamentarian must be fulfilled, despite living in a situation in the country in which the exercise of democracy is not full.

The political leader mentioned that in the regional parliament, the work is fundamentally controlling the exercise of the executive.

“Ensure that the services work, that they do their job. It is the comptroller, which is difficult, but it is the normal thing that a parliamentarian does, the review of public policies, “he said.

Valera expressed that “there are many expectations in a parliamentary task like this, without much setback. Although political rivalry is difficult, you have to take those steps. “

“It is what we have to do, not because it is difficult or the comptroller’s work is obstructed, we are going to stop saying it,” he said.

General problems

Regarding the priorities on the agenda of the Cleb deputies, he noted that there are many general problems such as water, garbage and the proliferation of zamuros.

He clarified that the parliamentarians are not there to build bridges or aqueducts, but to monitor and report irregularities that exist.

“There are many calamities that we meet daily (…) We must denounce, it is our role,” he added.

Among the first topics that they will propose to discuss are water, fuel supply, health and education, the latter defined as an alarming point in Bolívar state.

“They are not issues that we are going to solve, but it is to demand the fulfillment of rights that citizens have. They should have water 24 hours a day and they don’t have it, “he added.

Regarding the proposal of the governor of the state of Bolívar, on solving the road system in the first three months of his term, he said that it is not only the investment but that “the abandonment of 21 years of government” cannot be recovered.

“There are things that we have a responsibility to tell the governor. That he does not make promises that he cannot fulfill, that he assume responsibilities ”, he stressed.

He reiterated that “a hot cloth executive” is not needed, on the contrary, they must demand seriousness in the execution of the government from both the governor and all the mayors.

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