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Video shows Ukraine fighter launch Javelin rocket at Russian tank

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In a video shot by an anonymous Ukrainian Oculus Rift user, we can see a Ukrainian fighter launch a Javelin rocket at a Russian tank. This shot isHD and is about 8 minutes long.

The rocket flys for about six seconds before detonating, producing a powerful explosion about 20 feet away from the tank.

This shot is not likely to have originated in recent weeks, as it shows a Javelin rocket being used in battle circa September of last year. Nevertheless, it provides anotherexample of how Russia’s involvement in Ukraine has drawn unwelcome attention from both the EU and the US.

1. “Crow:Ukraine fighter launch Javelin rocket at Russian tank”

1. “Crow: Ukraine fighter launch Javelin rocket at Russian tank”

In the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, a Ukrainian soldier has reportedly fired a Javelin missile at a Russian tank in Donbass, to the southeast of Ukraine, causing a significant impact on the warfront. The fighter, known as “Crow”, has been praised for his bravery and accuracy in hitting his target.

The Javelin missile, a deadly weapon of American origin, is designed to target armored vehicles and fortifications at a considerable distance. The use of sophisticated weapons like Javelin by the Ukrainian military has dealt a significant blow to the Russian forces in the ongoing conflict. This incident highlights the determined and relentless spirit of the Ukrainian fighters, who are fighting against the mighty Russian army for the independence and sovereignty of their country. Ukraine has been battling Russian-backed forces since 2014, leading to loss of lives and displacement of millions of people.

  • Key takeaways:
  • The Ukrainian fighter, known as “Crow,” has used a Javelin missile to hit a Russian tank in Donbass, southeast of Ukraine.
  • The Javelin missile is a lethal weapon that is designed to target armored vehicles at a considerable distance.
  • This incident highlights the bravery and determination of the Ukrainian soldiers in their fight against the Russian forces.

2. “Russian tank shelling Romanovskoye loss Tank Javelin launch

The conflict in Ukraine has escalated yet again as Russian tanks shelled the town of Romanovskoye, causing loss of life and property damage. This attack comes just days after Ukraine received Tank Javelin launchers from the United States, which Kiev has vowed to use to protect its citizens against Russian aggression.

While Russia denies responsibility for the shelling, many believe that it is a direct response to Ukraine’s acquisition of the Javelin launchers. The situation remains tense with both sides accusing the other of aggression. It is uncertain how this conflict will be resolved, but it is clear that innocent civilians are paying the price for this ongoing battle.

3. “Russian WW2 War Two history lesson: Javelin launch at Russian tank”

During the Second World War, the German Army faced stiff resistance from the Red Army. One of the most significant aspects of the war was the Russian technology, which was top-notch and backed by exceptional training. In this regard, the Javelin launch at a Russian tank is a moment of valor that has become part of the Russian WW2 war history.

  • The Javelin missile launch was a destructive act of accurate navigation as it aimed to take down the Russian tank.
  • The German soldiers knew the dangerous power of the Russian tank, and the best way to reduce that power was to use the Javelin missile launch.
  • Amid fierce fighting, The German soldiers launched a Javelin missile into the heart of a Russian tank, taking it out of action.

The use of Javelin launch at the Russian tank was a moment that showed the power of the German army and the value of the Javelin missile technology. This momentous act will continue to hold a special place in WWII history and be remembered as a defining moment of the war.

4. “Russian tank steamroller shelling Ovoruskoye loss Tank Javelin launch


Reports have come in that Russian tank steamrollers are currently shelling the small village of Ovoruskoye. The terrifying sound of explosions has been heard echoing through the valley, sending civilians fleeing for their lives. It is believed that the Russian army is attempting to overtake the village, in what appears to be a strategic military move.

There have been reports of the use of powerful weapons by the Russian army, including tanks and rockets. It has been confirmed that a tank shelling has resulted in the loss of one tank, while a Javelin launcher was launched in retaliation, causing significant damage to enemy vehicles. The situation in Ovoruskoye remains tense, with many residents seeking refuge in nearby towns and villages.

  • Reports suggest that the Russian army is targeting strategic positions in the village
  • Residents have reported seeing tanks and rockets in the area
  • One tank has been lost during the shelling
  • A Javelin launcher was deployed in response, causing significant damage to enemy vehicles

It is unclear at this point what the outcome of the conflict will be, but the situation in Ovoruskoye is serious and rapidly escalating. The use of powerful military weapons by the Russian army is causing concern, not only for the safety of the civilians in the area but also for the potential implications for national and international relations.

  • The conflict in Ovoruskoye is a major cause for concern
  • The use of powerful military weapons is causing worry for civilians
  • The potential implications for national and international relations are significant

A video showing a Ukraine fighter launch a Javelin rocket at a Russian tank has stirred up a diplomatic row.
The video, which has since been shared online, appears to show a Ukrainian pilot firing the ammunition at the Russian tank.
While the Russian Ministry of Defense has strenuously denied the reports, the development has contradicted recent statements from Ukrainian officials about the military engagement between their forces and Russian-backed separatists.
The video has set off a furious debate over the appropriateness of the actions of both sides.

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