Although a singer Vilém Čok he looks like a real devil, he lives relatively healthy. She watches her lifestyle and is said to play sports, but the rock pace is relentless and she took her toll a few weeks ago.

Rocker and roughneck Vilém Čok damaged his health: He must therefore use a special tool!

“It’s been a few weeks since I passed the concert,” he confided in the primate show Showtime. And it’s definitely impossible to say that it would be just a momentary weakness. The singer ended up in the care of rescuers.

“The rescuers then didn’t want to let me on the podium, they found that I had a pressure of 203 to 103, which is a very high pressure. They even wanted to take me to the hospital, “ described the famous musician. But it wouldn’t be him if he didn’t do something his way again. Despite the threat of a stroke, he returned to the stage to play the concert. Many fans didn’t know anything and everything was completely silenced.

The marital crisis with Vilém Cok? The musician’s wife demands one hated activity from him!


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