Viral, Professor Promises High Values ​​to Students in Return for Sex Services


RABAT – A professor at a university in Morocco promised to give high marks to female students. However, he asked for sex services in return.

This embarrassing scandal went viral after screenshots of the professor’s conversation went viral on social media. Screenshots leaked through his phone, which went missing recently.

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The National Observatory for Education in Rabat stepped in by urging the Ministry of Higher Education and universities to open an investigation.

“This damages the reputation of the higher education system, universities and the entire country, and that these suspicions, reported by the media, offend all professors and researchers,” the Observatory said.

The Observatory added that such behavior on the part of some professors, degrades the role and message of higher education, and it hits the system at its heart.

The Moroccan prosecutor’s office reacted quickly by launching an investigation into the scandal. According to the prosecutor’s office, there was a student who was alleged to have been a victim of sexual harassment by a professor.

The student, as quoted Gulf News, Saturday (18/9/2021), was alleged to have been sexually harassed by the Head of the Division at the Faculty of Law, Hassan I Settat University.

This is not the first scandal at a Moroccan university. A few years ago, a similar scandal culminated in court and was famously known as “Masters for money“.



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