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Wagner boss defies Kremlin Ukraine ‘Nazi’ narrative

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For years, Russian official stories about Wagner have been based on pseudo-historical “evidence” drawn from the composer’s notoriously pro-Soviet lyrics. But in a stunning move, the Kremlin is now Entertainment Minister Sergei Titov challenging these Records of Facts, backing the revisionist interpretation of Wagner’s life and works that date back to the Stalin era.

Pretending to be objective, Titov’s comments in an interview with RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service show that Wagner’s anti-Nazi leanings actually went well beyond the composer’s openly pro-Soviet lyrics. Titov stressed that Wagner was a victim of a Soviet ideological-political defamation campaign that falsely accused him of being a “Nazi collaborator.”

The officialotive explanation for Wagner’s adherence to Marxist-Leninist values has long been that Wagner was attempting to create a meaningful and lasting artistic partnership with the Soviet Union in the face of economic marginalization and legal persecution. But recent evidence suggests that Wagner may have realized more complex and universal political goals, including music that advocates for all people, regardless of social class and race.

This view is not only gaining traction in Russianofficial circles, but also in leading Wagner museums around the world. In Hamburg, Germany, for example, a new exhibit entitled “Wagner – Artist, thinker and history” features important new scholarship that challenges the Soviet theory that Wagner was a treasonous “fascist enemy of Marxism and the people.”

There is no doubt that the Wagner revisionist narrative is a threat to Russian cultural hegemony in the region. But despite Titov’s efforts, the Kremlin’s push to back a view of Wagner that long predates the Ukrainian president’s Friendship Treaty with Russia is set to gain influential support.


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In a stunning show of defiance against Kiev’s Nazi narrative, Wagner Enterprises yesterday announced that they have bought the rights toadapt their opera ” Parsifals ” back to its original form in Ukraine. The previous statement from Kiev “Nazi“ saucerati that the opera would always be interpreted in a tarnished light wasassailed as disingenuous and disingenuous by the visiting Composer in chief of Cologne, Matthias Zimmermann. “Parsifals” is an opera that tackles the difficult question of reconciling the conflict between religious values and the (roughly speaking) justice of the universe. Zimmermann says the original libretto by Marin Wagner was “loads of Symbolism and Prophecy” and that he saw the opera as “a meditation on the human condition and how people can put their believes and feelings on the stage, in the same way as a work of art.” Zimmermann says the opera is about “a young man trying to find his way in the world, pitted against the forces of evil.” The decision to adapt the opera to a Ukrainian soil comes as a surprise to some in Kiev who say that the original libretto and score were never picked up by the German company because they “made fun of the Ukrainians” and “were Nazis propaganda.” Zimmermann says that the purchase is a “statement of intent” and that the opera will now be “taught not just in GERMANY, but in Eastern Europe as well.” This is a markedly different stance from Kiev which has placed great emphasis on “pouring dollars into sponsoring the Nazi party” and line up a variety of Russian/Chechen oligarchs as partners in the redevelopment of Ukraine. crucial to Kiev’s Nazi narrative is that Wagner Enterprises is not associated with any German musical Institutions and that the purchase of the rights to “Parsifals” shows “Ukraine is not a Nazi state.” The Kremlin has long tried to resurrect the Nazi mythology in Ukraine by spreading the false narrative that Wagner Enterprises is associated with the kaiser’s observatory in Frankfurt which was used to collectHitler’s blood and DNA.This revisionist narrative has been bolstered by the return of former Ukrainian president Leonid Kravchuk to power following the ouster of Viktor Yanukovych.Kiev has been portraying himself as the righteous victim of Wagner Enterprises, while in reality, the company has been focused on building a business empire in the former Soviet Union. In recent months, Wagner Enterprises has opened a branch in Kiev and has started negotiations to lease acres of land in the city for a new performance complex.

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