Warning for dangerous drugs after Dutchman’s death at Belgian dance festival | Inland

The Dutchman visited the dance festival with his Belgian girlfriend, when it went wrong near the Aperol Spritz Stage. The man became ill and was taken to hospital in critical condition. He died there later that evening. The exact cause of death is still under investigation.

In the man’s pockets, the police found some ecstasy pills bearing the letters ‘PP’, the logo of the fashion brand Philipp Plein. The prosecutor’s office had the pills analyzed urgently. According to toxicologist Jan Tytgat, the tablets contained a very high dose of MDMA. It would have contained 175 milligrams of MDMA – almost double the amount of MDMA normally found in an ecstasy pill. “They are potentially lethal,” the prosecutor’s office claims. It is unclear whether the man had also consumed alcohol or had other complaints.

The court now fears that the pills are doing the rounds at the festival, which continues today. A visitor who saw everything happening rushed to the nearest first aid station, after which employees immediately went to the man. “They took immediate action. It is terrible to hear that the man later died,” festival goer Nadine said via Facebook.

Police also found two other types of designer drugs in his pockets. “It concerns New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), in particular methylone and 3MMC,” said the public prosecutor. “To be clear, whether any of these drugs are linked to the man’s death is not yet clear at this time.”


The organization and mayor Alain Yzermans reacted defeated. “We sympathize with the partner and relatives.”

The girlfriend of the Dutch victim, a woman from Bruges, was taken care of after the tragic incident. The couple would stay on Extrema for three days and slept at the campsite. “We await the investigation and thank the medical staff for the accurate and prompt action,” reports the festival organization.

According to Nieuwsblad, the Dutch police have been informed about the news and will inform the victim’s family.

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