Welcome to Thailand!

The land of smiles, golden temples, and ancient tradition. As you explore this beautiful country, don’t forget to visit the breathtaking Songkran waterfalls. These natural wonders are steeped in history and mystic lore, and are a must-see for any adventurer.

  • Explore the Legends
  • Legend has it that the Songkran waterfalls were created by the goddess of water, Chao Phraya Nakkarat. She was worshipped by locals as a bringer of life and abundance, and it is believed that she blessed the falls with healing powers. Today, visitors flock to these majestic cascades to marvel at their incredible beauty and imbibe in their curative waters.

  • Experience the Magic
  • The Songkran waterfalls are not just a sight to behold, they are an experience to remember. The misty spray, the sound of rushing water, the lush greenery surrounding the falls – all combine to create a magical atmosphere that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. So don’t hesitate, make the journey to the Songkran waterfalls and immerse yourself in their wondrous origins!