Well-known musical producer Li Dun: telling Chinese stories with original musicals

Well-known musical producer Li Dun: telling Chinese stories with original musicals

2021-09-19 21:58:44Source: China News Network

China News Service, Shanghai, September 19th. Title: Li Dun, a well-known musical producer: telling Chinese stories with original musicals

China News Agency reporter Xu Jing

“Musicals are the ultimate form of live entertainment and are very suitable for storytelling. I have been touched by the stories of many western musicals. Therefore, I especially hope that I can use the oriental aesthetics to bring good Chinese stories to the world stage. People all over the world shed tears for Chinese and Eastern stories.” said Li Dun, a well-known musical producer and professor at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts.

On the 19th, the premiere of the new book “Breaking the Cocoon and Becoming a Butterfly: Li Dun and His Musical World” hosted by Shanghai Jiaotong University Press was held in Shanghai. The author of the book, Li Dun, known as the “Godfather of Chinese Musical Theater”, described his 30-year history of making original musicals, and shared his understanding of the current situation and future of Chinese musicals with his own experience and experience.

In recent years, domestic musical performances have been popular, but most of them are Western stories or works with foreign copyrights. Original Chinese stories are relatively rare. The theme of Li Dun’s musical has always focused on Chinese stories.

On September 5th, the theme concert of the musical “Flying”, which was created by the Chinese musical “Iron Triangle” Li Dun, Sanbao, and Guan Shan, landed at SAIC·Shanghai Culture Plaza.

“Fei Tian is a story about the guardianship of Dunhuang culture. It has been almost ten years since Sambo and I were working on this work. Only then did we have the beautiful melody and moving lyrics in the concert.” Li Dun said, afterwards, “Flying Heaven” will be presented to the audience more three-dimensionally in the form of a musical, and he will also stick to his path of original Chinese musicals.

Due to the impact of the epidemic on overseas original musical performances, IP adaptations of popular film and television works have become a new trend in the domestic musical drama market. Especially in Shanghai, small theater musicals are becoming more and more popular among young people. Is the domestic musical drama market ushering in a golden period of development?

In this regard, Li Dun said that it is currently a prime time window for the development of domestic musicals, and the market shows great potential, especially in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, where a large number of musical fans have appeared, the soil is very good, and some good ones have appeared on the market. work.

However, Li Dun said frankly that this is far from enough. The first thing to do is to form a sound and mature musical theater ecology: “For Chinese musical theater to have a big development, first of all, we should establish theater groups and create’organisms.’ The concept can’t stay in the palace theater.”

Li Dun introduced the concept of theater clusters using London’s West End and Broadway as examples, and put forward: “Shanghai is a cultural dock and the best place for Chinese stories to go to the world. Mei’s commercial theater provides more performance opportunities for original works.”

“The era of Chinese musicals has arrived. We have a group of excellent actors, some good theaters, a group of highly qualified audiences, and a good development atmosphere. Everything is thriving. The road to musicals is also the belief of batches and generations of Chinese musical dramatists. I believe it, so I stick to it!” Li Dun said.


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