What Happened If Dinosaurs Was Still Alive?

KOMPAS.com – Dinosaurs are thought to have gone extinct millions of years ago. This prehistoric animal experienced a mass extinction due to an asteroid impact.

Humans today can only remember it through fossil findings by scientists, or dinosaur replicas in museums or tourist attractions.

However, what and what would happen if the dinosaurs were still alive today?
Will the whole earth be filled with dinosaurs and we see the sight of these amazing creatures every day?

Dinosaurs can’t survive

Reported from the site How Stuff Works, even if the dinosaurs were still alive today, they would not have been able to survive. Because his immune system is not ready to ward off much more modern bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

From year to year, bacteria, fungi, and viruses on the Earth’s surface continue to evolve into much more modern versions. However, dinosaurs lived tens of millions of years ago, so their immune systems did not match modern conditions.

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Could dinosaurs still be alive today?

Quoting from the site BBC, if at that time the Earth was safe from the impact of a giant asteroid, the glory of the dinosaurs would still be over. Although the era of extinction could be more backward or not tens of millions of years ago, but thousands of years ago.

A paleontologist from the University of Bristol in England, Mike Benton explains if the dinosaurs will still experience a period of extinction, even though at that time no asteroids hit Earth.

This happened because of the cold climate or the magnitude of climate change, so the dinosaurs could not survive. In the end these prehistoric animals will still experience extinction.

What if the dinosaurs were still alive?

If dinosaurs were still alive, living things on earth could not evolve. The extinction of dinosaurs tens of millions of years ago, has brought hope for a number of living things to evolve. On site Science Focus, explained that the extinction of the dinosaurs made mammals evolve.

The evolution of these mammals was caused by the loss of their main predators or competitors for food, namely dinosaurs. The extinction of the dinosaurs changed lifestyles, including the way they got food.

In short, dinosaurs are very unlikely to still be alive today. However, one thing is certain, the extinction of the dinosaurs certainly brought major changes to the life of living things on Earth.

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