What is the best e-ink tablet?

Mainly thanks to e-ink’s Carta 1000 and Carta 1200 panels, they have been stacking 6 inches for a long time and e-ink panels are slowly starting to grow. The types of tiles used in the two products compared here are: The reMarkable2 (Carta 1000) released last year and the new Kobo Elipsa (Carta 1200).

Two tiles with behavior quite similar to two clearly identical products. Appearance only: While the two tablets promise to be the perfect blend of ebooks and digital notebooks, each actually emphasizes one of those two uses. How to distinguish them… and which to choose?

Hardware and software quality

Although some judgments tend to be subjective, the comparison between Kobo products and reMarkable is final. reMarkable 2 is better than Elipsa and has a better finish. And the stylus is very good. Like the Marker Plus function, the opposite end of the lead acts like an eraser like a real classic pencil, whether or not the writing quality of the two options available (Marker and Marker Plus ).

On the software side, the reMarkable interface is cleaner and faster, and the interface was designed from the start as a digital notepad (not as an addition to the functionality of an eBook reader). And the writing options are very good (rich choice of notebook models, and many types of styluses).

Since Elipsa has just been released, I have no hindrance in monitoring software, but the reMarkable 2 aspect that I have been using for months is perfect. Regular updates will bring the keyboard to French, improve highlighting and pinching. -Zoom documents, manage PDF chapters, modify interfaces, etc.
Swedish company reMarkable only sells one product (and related accessories), so all efforts are focused on that one. For Kobo, the decision can take weeks or even months.

On the functional side, Kobo only earns points for storage, and 28GB is useful for reMarkable against just 6.41GB. Even ePub and PDF have margins before they fill up, but tests have noticed this limitation.

To take notes

Unlike Kobo, the choice of passive stylus technology is a strong argument for reMarkable, as you don’t have to worry about the battery charge level (AAA for Elipsa). But apart from this situation, it is mainly the writing aspect that reMarkable 2 gives competitors a technical knockout. The stylus is very similar to paper, the screen is much more responsive, and the erase perfectly models analog usage. It is time for the workshop to erase the lines, not the space that the “eraser” has really touched.

If you can use Elipsa to annotate your PDF without any hassle, the note-taking process is intensive (schoolchildren, students, teachers, journalists, big fans of handwritten notes, etc.). –ReMarkable2 should be considered a priority. If there is a way …

Equipment and prices

Here the workshop earns points and offers an all-in-one offer at 399 € including an e-reader / tablet, a stylus and a case. While all reMarkables devices and accessories are of better quality than Kobo’s, the Book Folio Polymer ($ 99) and the high-end stylus ($ 99) are also expensive at $ 597. Price which may be revised downward if you purchase a compatible case from Amazon – There are concerns that the cheaper classic folio case may no longer be available in reMarkable.

For the tightest budgets, the public says: 400 euros is already total and it is totally impossible to pay more than 50%. But for those who are more fortunate or who are actually preparing to write for a long time on their device, the price difference is perfectly justified.

Reading mode

Kobo specializes in e-readers, so it makes a lot of sense that the brand is essential to the reading experience. This is because unlike reMarkable, which is not supported by reMarkable, ePub is supported using DRM (Adobe) when it comes to accessing the catalog.
Second, in general experience, if reMarkable 2’s reading interface is the same as the document editing reading interface, Kobo’s reading interface will be the interface of a real e-reader.
In addition to the backlight, useful in many situations, the reading interface with resizing of fonts, quick navigation bar, word search, etc. is comprehensive and efficient.

Kobo’s default is weight with case. It’s too heavy. The hull cannot be removed from other hulls particularly easily. To use it as an e-reader, we recommend purchasing a standard felt case with a pen slot. It soothes your wrist.


There are two points everywhere, so you can declare a tie… but it isn’t. These two products meet opposing needs. Those who study and work on their devices will definitely like reMarkable 2 if their budget allows. It’s by far the most comprehensive in terms of note-taking, and you can still read ebooks. (After having refined the DRMs…).

Those who need a large, comfortable eReader with the ability to take notes every now and then will love the Kobo experience. Not just for those with limited budgets, and not everyone has 399 euros!

Also, to discover in the video:

Also, to discover in the video:

Even after the distribution of this medal, the results will still be in favor of reMarkable. The work of reMarkable is much better than what Kobo offers. The latter only added writing capabilities to its classic interface when the Swedish reMarkables offered the best digital writing experience possible. It would have an advantage if they could improve the reMarkable ebook reading module.

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