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What to make of Israel’s new national guard

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Israel’s new national guard contains a blend of youthful volunteers and veterans who have fought in wars. But many Israelis are struggling to understand how the group can play a role in securing the nation’s security.

Israel has a history of military occupation and racist policies, which have created a group of Israelis who view the country’s Defense Forces as their protectors. The national guard was established in 2013 as a way to create a more diversified force to patrol the country’s borders and respond to emergencies.

Critics say that the Guard has not done enough to reduce the country’s jihadist presence and that the corps isomorphically fits the IDF’s militaristic culture and values. Others, such as Lt. Col. Eyal Levy of the Israel counterpart of the NGO Human Rights Watch, argue that the Guard should be the first line of defense for vulnerableAbsh’im, or “Israel’s Druzes,” a minority community that has long been marginalized by the Hebrew majority.

Critics also say that the Guard does not meet the needs of Israelis who live in wartime zones, such as the Druze community in the south. Israel has said that the Guard will eventually be composed of Arabs, but has not yet offered a plan for how the group will be organized or what role Arabs will play.

Despite these challenges, the national guard is an important step in reshaping Israel’s security landscape. It provides volunteers with a secure place to live and work and a training platform to learn how to tolerate civilian casualties in wartime. As the PFTSD continue to increase its media presence and outreach, the Guard could become an important part of the national narrative to convince Israelis that the government cares about their safety.

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2. What is the new national guard?

The new national guard, officially known as the National Guard Bureau (NGB), was established in the United States following the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2020. The NGB is a branch of the Armed Forces primarily tasked with supporting domestic emergency response efforts, although it can be called upon to perform additional duties as needed. The NGB is a joint organization consisting of Army and Air National Guard components, and is headed by the Chief of the National Guard Bureau who serves as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The primary mission of the NGB is to provide trained and equipped National Guard units to support the states and the federal government in responding to emergencies such as natural disasters, civil unrest, and acts of terrorism. The NGB is also charged with maintaining readiness for global combat operations as directed by the President and the Secretary of Defense. The NGB is further responsible for developing and coordinating strategies, policies, and plans for National Guard mobilization, training, and employment. Unlike other branches of the Armed Forces, National Guard units report to their respective governors when performing state missions and to the President when mobilized for federal service.

  • Key Objectives of the National Guard Bureau
    • Provide trained and equipped National Guard units for domestic emergency response
    • Maintain readiness for global combat operations
    • Develop and coordinate strategies, policies, and plans for National Guard mobilization, training, and employment

3. who is the new national guard?

The new national guard is a group of soldiers who have been recently deployed to reinforce the security of the country. This new force was established in response to the growing concerns about national security and to provide additional support to the country’s military forces.

  • The new national guard is made up of highly trained and experienced soldiers who have undergone rigorous training to ensure they are capable of dealing with any threat to national security.
  • They are equipped with the latest gear and weaponry, enabling them to respond quickly and effectively to any emergency.
  • The new national guard is under the command of the President of the country, and they work alongside the country’s military and law enforcement agencies to maintain law and order.

With the introduction of the new national guard, the country is better prepared to respond to any threat to its security. The men and women who make up this elite force are dedicated to their duty and have sworn to protect their country, no matter the cost. The nation can rest assured that the new national guard is watching over them, ready to defend against any danger that may arise.

4. How does the new national guard work?

The new national guard constitutes a state-based institution that operates in times of crisis or natural disasters on the orders of the governor. In the past, the national guard functioned as a federal force under the Department of Defense. However, with the enactment of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2020, the national guard underwent a significant transformation, and each state’s control over the institution has increased.

  • The new national guard operates under the governor’s control, and the president doesn’t need to provide the order to deploy it.
  • The national guard focuses mainly on local defense and response to natural disasters such as hurricanes, wildfire outbreaks, and earthquakes.
  • Since the new law, the national guard conducts cyber operations within the state, as long as it’s within the constitution, and the state law permits such actions.

Apart from natural disasters, the national guard assists state authorities with law enforcement when requested. In circumstances where law enforcement is in danger or overburdened, the national guard may be called in to support without undermining civilian control. The governor stays responsible for deciding when the national guard should deploy and the degree of involvement they should have.

  • The national guard may be deployed to protect critical infrastructure sites such as power plants, oil refineries, and airports.
  • The national guard may be utilized to provide additional security during large events like political rallies, concerts, and to manage traffic control.
  • The new national guard remains an essential component of America’s defense system and possesses the necessary training and capabilities to respond to various domestic threats.

Israeli news media have been reporting that the nation’s new national guard will be composed of paramilitary forces that will be on standby to repell any intruder or terrorist. This move by the government comes as a response to the recent rise in violence and terror in the country. Additionally, the new guard will be tasked with maintaining public order and protecting the nation’s infrastructure. While some may find the decision admirable, others worry that the force will be used to squash any criticism or opposition to the government. Ultimately, it is up to the individual and community to decide if the new guard is a good or bad thing.

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