What to remember from Huawei pro Freebuds

Huawei presents its Freebuds pro headphones

Huawei brings you its latest wireless in-ear headphones, the “new kings of silence”. The aesthetics and design are refined, the functionalities optimized and the technology is innovative.

The brand serving users’ listening comfort

You will have the choice between different modes, Ultra, Cozy and General which will automatically adapt according to your sound environment. This will allow you to enjoy a listening comfort whatever the degree of noise pollution. You will be able to stay focused on your call or continue listening to your audios. With the freebuds huawei 2, you will be able to combine intelligent noise reduction, sound quality and the possibility of having a completely audible conversation. Indeed, you can, with a simple long press, switch to perception mode and have a discussion with someone. This option allows you not to be completely world Cup. Quality doesn’t waver when you’re outdoors and listening comfort is maintained when the wind blows close to your ears. Gaming enthusiasts will also be able to appreciate the sound power of the headphones and immerse themselves in the world of their favorite game without being distracted by outside noise. You can choose between three colors: Ceramic White, Silver Frost or Carbon Black and match your headphones to your style and personality. A tip port test is provided to guide you to the right size earpiece.

Technology is there for more and more features.

New technology addicts will be delighted with the Huawei Pro freebuds earphones. They offer the possibility of making sound recordings that will delight Vloggers. The headphones can record the surrounding sound which provides a sound quality optimal to videos. Touch control is fluid and intuitive: pinch, tap, tap and you’ll have access to all the features. The autonomy of the headphones will allow you to listen to your audio for 8 hours when charging alone and up to 36 hours when charging with the box. As they are wireless, you can also recharge them with an induction charging cradle or a phone equipped with reverse charging. Pairing is done automatically by opening the headphone case. A window is displayed on your phone and you just have to activate the pairing. The headphones have two Bluetooth smart antennas that will provide 360 ​​° signal coverage. This reduces the risk of losing the connection, especially if your phone no longer has a network. Finally, your experience with Huawei headphones will be even more natural with the AI ​​Life app.

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The Huawei brand is well present in this very competitive market with these capable headphones to offer excellent services. The comfort and pleasure of recent technologies are brought together for the greatest pleasure of users. If you don’t know Huawei yet, it’s never too late to do it right! Don’t miss out on this brand which provides the latest generation of artificial intelligence accessories to all budgets. !

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