WhatsApp is testing a new feature… what is it?

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Aden – Yasmine Abdullah Al-Tohamy – Sunday 19 September 2021

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WhatsApp is testing a new feature that helps identify the locations of local stores, with a more accurate classification feature.

The new feature is currently being tested in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, and through it its users can infer the locations of simple local stores according to its specialization.

Within the feature, WhatsApp provides codes indicating the allocation of each store, from vegetable sellers, to bakery stores, to coffee shops, within the city, according to the technical website “The Verge”.

Users of the application will also be able to have direct conversations with the managers of these stores, to make requests for remote delivery.

And the interest of the WhatsApp application in e-commerce has increased in recent years. Last October, the application announced that more than 175 million users around the world use the application in their own business on a daily basis.

In another context, a report attributed to the “Daily Star” said that the WhatsApp application will stop working on 43 smartphone models.

The report specified the timing of the “WhatsApp” application to stop working in a number of old smartphones, starting from next November.

The WhatsApp shutdown could prevent millions of people from accessing messages, photos and videos from their friends.

This is bad news for anyone who has kept their old phone for years, rather than buying the latest model every six months.

As of November 1, 43 smartphone models, both Android and iOS, will lose the ability to send messages and photos, or make video calls, using the encrypted messaging service.

Smartphones with Android 4.0.4 or earlier will no longer be compatible with WhatsApp, as will iPhones with iOS 9 or earlier.

List of phones that will lose access to the WhatsApp application:

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, Trend II, Trend Lite, Core, Ace 2

LG Optimus F7, F5, L3 II Dual, F7 II, F5 II

Sony Xperia

Huawei Ascend Mate and Ascend D2

Apple iPhone SE, 6S, and 6S Plus

WhatsApp added a lot of new features this year, such as the disappearance of messages and group calls that can be joined. It claims to be phasing out support for these older phones to ensure the app continues to run securely.

The messaging app has lost a lot of users over the past year due to ongoing privacy concerns about its new terms of service.

WhatsApp has traditionally marketed itself to providing secure and encrypted messages, but it has announced highly unpopular changes in the way it handles user data.

These changes would have seen user data handed over to private companies to help with marketing. And many WhatsApp users turned to other alternatives, as Telegram users, for example, exceeded one billion downloads.

Big tech seems to threaten anyone who doesn’t want to buy the latest batch every year, as Google also announced that it plans to end login support entirely for older Android devices this month.

This means that anyone with a device older than Android 2.3.7 will no longer be able to access the basic Google services that make their phones work.


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