When Habib Bahar Says Kiai Stupid in Court

Tuesday, 17 May 2022 – 21:21 WIB

Habib Bahar bin Smith questioned one of the witnesses presented by the public prosecutor (JPU). Photo: ANTARA PHOTO/Raisan Al Farisi

jpnn.com, BANDUNG – Habib Bahar bin Smith is again undergoing trial in the case of spreading hoax news at the Bandung District Court (PN) Class IA, Jalan LLRE Martadinata, Tuesday (17/5).

In this trial, the public prosecutor (prosecutor) presented a witness who was the head of the Darussyifa Islamic Boarding School, Faisal Sobari.

After Faisal gave a statement before the panel of judges, Habib Bahar then questioned the witness.

Bahar had mentioned the title of ‘ulama’ in the BAP which was signed by Faisal.

Bahar then tested Faisal’s religious abilities, ranging from sects, subjects, to books used in studying or teaching religion.

“What did you study at school? What subjects?” asked Bahar as quoted from jabar.jpnn.com.

“Quran, hadith, shorof, balaghah, and fiqh,” said Faisal.

Bahar then attacked Faisal with the argument that Al-Qur’an to discuss the difference between crowding and the activities of the Prophet’s Birthday, which is the main issue.

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