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Federico Pecoraro, Deputy Director of the Accredia Test Laboratories Department, responds to the main doubts on the subject, who recommends its use

Under current regulations, children over 6 years of age and adolescents are required to wear the mask Ffp2 to access various places at risk of crowds – from public transport to museums, from cinemas to stadiums – and, in middle school and high school, in the event that there is a case of positivity in the classroom. However, the Ffp2 are nothing more than personal protective equipment (Dpi) certified according to a European standard – theEN 149: 2019 + A1: 2009 – conceived for workers, therefore for adults with specific respiratory abilities. Not surprisingly, as specified here, there are no real “Ffp2 for children” but models in small size for those with a smaller face. This is why many parents are moving forward concerns about the safety of such masks for the health of their children. On the other hand it was none other than the Scientific Technical Committee, with the report number 10 of 21 April 2021, to express contrary opiniono on the hypothesis of prescribing the use, by students, of the Ffp2 devices, the continued use of such devices for a long time is not advisable. How are things then?

What the data say

Even the latest government decrees, more recent than the minutes of April 21, 2021, they are based on the opinions of the Technical Scientific Committee. There is no reason to believe that this is not the case: he affirms it to Courier service
Federico Pecoraro, Deputy Director of the Test Laboratories Department of Accredia, the only body designated by the executive to accredit the Italian certification bodies (including Dpi) -. Evidently – he continues – one was therefore made new risk assessment, with the probable support of additional subject matter experts. Moreover, the obligation to use Ffp2 is foreseen only in this phase of the pandemic peak and, in most cases, for activities that are not particularly prolonged. Having said that, to date there are no data to support the fact that they can cause damage to the health of the student population.

We need a new standard

It remains for the crux of the formal inadequacy of the technical standard EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009. undeniable that its field of application is that of work – confirms Pecoraro -. The point that, to counter the spread of Covid, the obligation to wear Dpi was extended for the first time to non-workers, including students. And the market moved accordingly, starting to make even smaller masks available. Of course, it would be better that producers and sellers, rather than use terms such as “for children” or, worse still, “for pediatric use”, would limit themselves to indicating the size, but in any case, their use is more than recommended. This being the case – all the more so considering the probable endemic evolution of Omicron -, it looms need to introduce a new technical standard: it is desirable – says Pecoraro – that the European Committee for Standardization defines a standard for the production and certification of masks designed to protect people from SARS-CoV-2 (and any other pandemic virus) which also takes into account the different ages of users.

How to recognize the Ffp2 according to law

While waiting for this to happen, all that remains is to make sure that you always buy compliant devices: They are five elements which must necessarily be present on the Ffp2 masks – remember Pecoraro in this regard -: the wording EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009, the CE mark, the four identification digits of the notified body (i.e. the body that certified the conformity of the mask in question, which must be registered in the specific database of the European Commission, ed), indication of the manufacturer and classification as Ffp2. Finally, the expiry date must also be indicated on the package. Theoretically it would also be possible to find masks on the market until June Inail had validated in derogation (viewable by clicking here and not subject to the same obligations), but in fact they are no longer in circulation. So it’s better to play it safe, remembering then respect the manufacturer’s instructions on the time of use. so that each of us can make their own contribution to getting out of the pandemic, and the youngest are no exception.

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