Witness… An imam was killed in a terrible collision

The imam and preacher of the Al-Arqam Mosque, Sheikh Hani Al-Shahat, was exposed to a tragic accident in the Nasr City area of ​​the Cairo governorate. Al-Khatib was killed in a collision between a heavy transport vehicle and Al-Khatib’s car, as the transport vehicle ran over his car in front of pedestrians.

The accident took place near the mosque where Al-Khatib works, near Makram Ebeid Street in Nasr City, and the surveillance cameras were able to monitor the moments when the transport vehicle ran over Al-Khatib’s car, and the transport vehicle pulled his car a large distance, causing the preacher’s death after he ran over his car completely.

Excessive speed caused the accident

A picture from the accident

For its part, the security services intensified the security forces in the area, and kept the surveillance cameras and asked witnesses who were at the scene of the accident to know the circumstances of the accident.

Sheikh Hani Al-Shahat

Sheikh Hani Al-Shahat

Driver arrested

Yesterday evening, the security forces were able to arrest the transport driver accused in the case, and the security services took the necessary legal measures in the case, and the incident was referred to the Public Prosecution to investigate the case, and the Public Prosecution ordered permission to bury Al-Khatib’s body.

There was also a state of sadness on social networking sites, where the Sheikh was known for his good biography, especially among the residents of the region, and the pioneers of the communication sites circulated video and photos of the preacher, calling for him for mercy and forgiveness. Oh God, the best ending for all of us.”


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