Writing sci-fi suspense with ease

Original title: Writing sci-fi suspense with ease

Cover reporter Xun Chao

Fold space? Paranormal research? A strange force invades the world? Following the popular work “Starting from the Red Moon”, the second sci-fi novel “Scarlet Arrival” by the well-known Internet writer “Old Ghost of Montenegro” was launched on May 22, leading readers into a new world of sci-fi suspense. Find the truth with the protagonists with “supernatural abilities”.

Internet writer Montenegro old ghost

The old ghost of Montenegro has written many works such as “Sweeping the Heavens”, “Nine Heavens” and “Starting from the Red Moon”. The total number of clicks on his works exceeds 100 million, and he has long been ranked in the top ten of the monthly list of original reading boys’ original lists. He entered the business with the theme of writing fairy tales, and did not limit himself to this category, but chose to try a new field. Among them, “From the Red Moon”, which contains elements such as science fiction, suspense, and psychoanalysis, has long been in the top three best-sellers on the monthly ticket list. Many copyrights have been sold, and the audio drama has been launched in January.

From the cross-border sci-fi creation with the theme of Xianxia, ​​the old ghost of Montenegro said bluntly: “Now is an era of innovation, and fresher things can attract readers.” His new work “Scarlet Arrival” sets the story background in a mysterious explosion. Ten years later, various “devil” forces gradually infiltrated into reality, ordinary towns and villages were abandoned one after another, and the population gathered in the metropolis. The protagonist “Wei Wei”, who just graduated from the training camp, came to report to the sheriff team in Scrap Iron City. All kinds of characters appeared one by one, and all kinds of mysteries slowly unfolded.

The author Montenegro Laogui said, “The whole new book is in the style of science fiction and suspense, but I don’t want to write too heavy the theme. Instead, I will express a kind of ‘people should live for their inner pursuits through relaxed narrative techniques and protagonist shaping. ‘spiritual power.” Different from the passive despair, powerlessness and self-struggle of the protagonist of the previous work “From the Red Moon”, the old ghost of Montenegro has endowed the protagonist of the new book “The Scarlet Arrival” with more subjective initiative, “He has a deeper understanding of the world. Active exploration and search will also have a stronger ability to promote events.”Return to Sohu, see more


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