Yannick Jadot’s “pragmatism” in the second round of the environmentalist primary

Yannick Jadot, during the second day of the Ecologists Summer Days, in Poitiers, August 20, 2021.

Yannick Jadot qualified for the second round of the ecological primary by obtaining 27.70% of the vote, according to the results unveiled by Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV), Sunday, September 19. He will face Sandrine Rousseau, which brought together 25.14% votes in the first round, during a new online vote between Saturday 25 and Tuesday 28 September which will determine the environmental candidate for the presidential election.

The 54-year-old MEP, the only name tested in the polls for the presidential election, was a favorite in the first round. The ecologist draws his notoriety in particular from his success as head of the EELV list in the 2019 European elections (in third position with 13.5% of the vote). He will try to do as well as in 2016 when he won the primary of the environmentalists against Michèle Rivasi, before supporting Benoît Hamon, the candidate of the Socialist Party, in an alliance that he still regrets today.

The fiftieth anniversary has long assumed a certain distance from the workings of the Europe Ecology-The Greens party, and a line more in favor of entrepreneurs than many activists. According to him, in fact, the ecological transition requires the action of convinced entrepreneurs.

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Among environmentalists, it has sometimes been described by some as «Real» or from “German green”, a derogatory term for the left wing of EELV since environmentalists from across the Rhine agree to ally with the right. Critics that annoy Yannick Jadot. “My entire trajectory, anti-globalization, against free trade agreements, my actions in Bangladesh, at Greenpeace prove the opposite. But I also say that we cannot change society against businesses. So you have to talk to everyone. Here is… “, he justified himself recently.

“Build rather than add”

This does not prevent him from going to the police demonstration last May, considering that he must take up the issue of security, even if it means annoying his party. But for several months, Yannick Jadot also spares the left, posting discussions with the Socialists, giving pledges on his ecology ” of fight “ and on his ” loyalty “ to EELV.

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Supported by the ex-candidate for the Greens in 1995 and 2007, Dominique Voynet, the former environmental president of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, Marie-Christine Blandin, or the co-president of the environmental group in the European Parliament, the Belgian Philippe Lamberts, Yannick Jadot defends “An ecologically and socially regulated economy”.

For him, only political ecology is able to largely bring together the entire left, including the disappointed with macronism. Convinced that we can “To be radical and pragmatic”, Yannick Jadot wants “Sketching out a new matrix, a path that is not the simple addition of the first left and ecology”. Understand “Build rather than add”, in his own words in February 2021.

The ecologists will still have to reiterate their confidence in him during the second round. A daring bet, the favorites of the last primary among the Greens – Cécile Duflot in 2016 and Nicolas Hulot in 2011 – not having succeeded in winning.

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