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Francesc Xavier Eritja, spokesman for the Republican Group (GR), and author of NLP.

The Health Commission of the Congress of Deputies has given its approval to a proposition not of law (PNL) presented by the Republican Group (ERC) for the recognition and development of the Medical-Surgical Care Nursing specialty.

Specifically, as agreed on Thursday, it is claimed that it be convened, in the maximum period of one month, the National Commission designated by the Ministry of Health in the specialty of Medical-Surgical Care to present, within a maximum period of 3 months, the Training program corresponding to this specialization, its duration and all the specific and necessary criteria required by law for its effective development and implementation, as well as the criteria for professional accreditation resulting from the training acquired in the specialty.

Likewise, it is urged to fix, in the maximum period of six months, and in accordance with article 22 of Law 44/2003 on the organization of the health professions, a annual offer of places of the specialty of Medical-Surgical Care that allows “the development of the career of these professionals, who do not restrict or limit your access and exercise, that is appropriate to their needs and takes into account emerging care demands “.

A “necessary” nursing specialization

The Royal Decree 450/2005 on Nursing specialties included seven new specialties: Obstetric-Gynecological, Mental Health, Geriatrics, Pediatrics, Occupational Nursing, Medical-Surgical Care, and Family and Community Care.

In the words of Francesc Xavier Eritja, spokesman for the Republican Group (GR), this is a “minimum” proposal that includes a “historical claim” from Nursing professionals in defense of a increasingly “necessary” specialization. Eritja recalled that, currently, the development and implementation of these specialties has been carried out effectively in all branches, with the exception of specialized training in the field of Medical-Surgical Care, which still pending.

“Today the exercise of this specialty is a disaster drawer, which collects what remains of the rest of the specialties,” he continued, advocate for a specification of the functions of said specialty. “We are interested mark a calendar to hurry and that the proposals are debated in the National Commission ”.

For its part, Elvira Velasco, of the Popular Parliamentary Group (GPP), has defended a greater number of specialty places than Nursing places to ensure patient care, as well as define training areas and make a assessment of the number of EIR places that are summoned. “You have to adapt them to real needs,” he argued.

“We have Nursing professionals who have completed their specialist training and they cannot occupy a place because they are not created“, has continued Velasco, who has assured that this supposes a” frustration “for the professionals.

‘Yes’ to destigmatize mental health problems

On the other hand, the Health Commission of the Congress of Deputies has approved, with the votes of PSOE, PP and Citizens, a Proposition No of Law (PNL) led by the ‘orange’ formation in favor of the destigmatization of mental health problems.

The deputy of Citizens Guillermo Diaz has warned that the pandemic “has aggravated the mental problems of the Spanish.” “It has shot up anxiety, depression, anguish... There are serious problems of self-esteem, fear of the future, uncertainty … “, he has detailed. For this reason, he has claimed that” means are needed “.”So that going to the psychologist is not a luxury, that they do not give you an appointment for six months. There are people who have taken their lives in that waiting time, “lamented Díaz.

The proposal of the ‘orange’ group is committed to approving a new National Mental Health Strategy, on which the Ministry of Health is already working and will be presented shortly. Ciudadanos demands that this Strategy be accompanied by “sufficient budgetary and human resources commitments to guarantee its implementation, with specific measures aimed at destigmatization of mental health problems “.

Likewise, they insist on the need to include in the new Mental Health Strategy a Suicide Prevention Plan, with “concrete measures and involving all sectors of society in the correct detection of suicidal behavior and its prevention, especially in young people and people in situations of unwanted loneliness”.

María Teresa Angulor, of the PP, has defended that it is “urgent to face once and for all the challenges of mental health with a comprehensive approach within health and social activity.” A) Yes, has demanded the Government that mental health should be a “priority”. “The impact on mental health is more and more alarming. And the Government words but not a single tangible fact. Despite the announcements, the reality is that the Strategy has not yet been approved. Gentlemen of PSOE and Podemos, come on now from words to deeds, a qualitative leap is necessary in the care of mental health problems. Every day that passes may already be too late for many citizens“, has warned.

For its part, Carmen Andrés Añón, of the PSOE, has voted yes to this NLP to “advance in mental health from the political consensus”, but it has disfigured Citizens who do not support the General State Budgets (PGE) for 2022, which include a specific game for this section.

“This NLP is empty of content because they have voted no to the budgets. Mental health is a priority of the coalition Government and it works from the beginning on it. It worries and occupies the Government. We have practically finished the Mental Health Strategy, which is will run with the € 6,600 million item for Health to which you have voted no, “he added in this regard.

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