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Kaunas “Žalgiris” team, which has been significantly renewed and is actively preparing for battles in Lithuania and Europe, met the fans before the beginning of the season.

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At noon on Friday, both the old members of the team and the residents of Žalgiris, who were wearing green-white T-shirts for the first time, presented to the fans at Kaunas Akropolis.

At the presentation of “Žalgiris” in Kaunas “Akropolis”, basketball fans could see and hear Lukas Lekavičius, Paulius Jankūnas, Artūras Milaknis, Marekas Blaževičius, Karolis Lukošiūnas and Joffrey Lauvergne, who led the team to victories last season. Also – long-time Žalgiris players Mantas Kalnietis and Edgars Ulanovs who have returned to the team.

Newcomers also took the stage and interacted with the audience: Josh Nebo, who is famous for his powerful basketball picks, Emmanuel Mudiay and Tyler Cavanaugh, who have a lot of NBA experience, sniper Janis Strelniek and Niels Giff, who participated in the Tokyo Olympics this year.

The renewed coaching staff also congratulated the fans – Martin Schiller will be helped not only by the well-known Arne Woltmann and Tautvydas Sabonis, but also by one of the coaches of the Austrian national team Stefan Grassegger, who joined the team in the summer.

The fans of the team also saw many physical training coaches Nerijus Navickas and Sigitas Kavaliauskas, doctor Vytautas Kailiai and masseur Romas Petraitis, who often perform invisible but very important work.

The significantly changed team was presented by Andrius Žiurauskas, who became famous throughout Europe with his energetic performances and became an integral voice of the match.

According to Kaunas “Žalgiris” captain Jankūnas, the team is currently actively preparing for the first matches, and fans are also welcome in the “Žalgiris” arena after the break.

“We are happy to meet the fans before the start of the season, their support is very important for the team. Last year I often had to compete in silence, so hearing and seeing fans live is a longing. We will be waiting for fans both in Kaunas “Akropolis” and “Žalgiris Arena”, where on October 7 we will play the first Euroleague match at home with St. Petersburg “Zenit”, “said Jankūnas.

Brigita Kuodytė, the manager of Kaunas Akropolis, added that the team presentation event has already become a tradition.

“This event is the result of 12 years of partnership with Kaunas” Žalgiris “. We are happy to have the opportunity, as every year, to invite the team’s fans to wish the people of Žalgiris good luck in the season that will start soon, ”said Kuodytė, the manager of Kaunas Akropolis.

The official Žalgiris store has been operating in Kaunas Akropolis for many years, and the efforts of the shopping center were recognized with the Long-Term Partner Award at the partner marketing awards held at the beginning of this summer.

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