Ziggo changed digital TV offerings

Starting June 30, Ziggo will make a change to its digital TV offering. Five new channels will will add and retransmit three existing channels will be stopped.

HD quality

Five new channels are all offered in HD quality. †This gives Ziggo customers access to the most extensive HD channel series in the Netherlands. The expansion of the channel package is in line with Ziggo’s ambition to give customers access to their favorite content, so convenience and better viewing experience are vital.“, Ziggo said in a press release.

New channel

On June 30, Ziggo will add five new HD channels to Ziggo’s series: FilmBox, Njam !, Ducktv, Curiosity Channel and Playboy TV Europe. Filmbox (channel 100) and yum! (channel 80) will become part of the Standard TV package. ducktv (channel 311), Curiosity Channel (channel 201) and Playboy TV Europe (channel 799) will become part of the Movies & Series XL and TV Channels Plus packages.

Missing channels

The new channels will replace the Extreme Sports Channel, CBS Reality and Pebble TV. Ziggo will no longer broadcast these channels, which are part of the Movies & Series XL and TV Zenders Plus packages (and in the case of Pebble TV also the Kids package), starting June 30.

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