United States – 5-year-old American teenager shot dead during filming

PostedNovember 27, 2021, 10:39 PM A 13-year-old boy is suspected of having accidentally shot while handling a gun. The accident took place near Minneapolis in the northern United States. The guns claimed at least 35 other victims on Thursday as Americans celebrated Thanksgiving, one of the nation’s most popular holidays, according to the Gun Violence … Read more

local elected representatives request the arrival of an interministerial delegation

The elected officials of Guadeloupe on Saturday asked for the arrival of an interministerial delegation on the subject of “State powers” after the government put on the table the question of the autonomy of the island, shaken like its neighbor Martinique by a social explosion which again caused violence. “Regarding the powers of the State, … Read more

A trial of Tecamachalco Security for the death of ministerial agents in Puebla

They were linked to process the secretary of Security Of the municipality of Tecamachalco, Alerting Santizo, its listen and one policeman by death of three ministerial agents from the state of Puebla. The Attorney General of the State of Puebla informs the connection to the process of Alejandro “N”, Hipólito “N” and Jaquelin “N”, investigated … Read more

what do the figures say in Belgium?

Does vaccination decrease the risk of contracting Covid-19? Are fully vaccinated people better protected against contamination and hospitalization? Are they less at risk of developing a severe form? These essential questions, a study by the Institute of Public Health Sciensano answers them in a quantified, structured and verified way. Which already raises a point: the … Read more

Miscellaneous – Justice | Avignon: cocaine trafficking held by an official had generated 8 million euros in 10 months

The case started about eight months ago, in November 2020, at the Roquemaure toll booth, in the Gard, on the A9 motorway. At the time, customs decided to check a suspicious vehicle. Inside, they discover € 23,000 in small denominations, an amount which the passengers in the car are unable to prove. which opens an … Read more

Hulot affair: Matthieu Orphelin, close to the former minister, “withdrawn” from Yannick Jadot’s campaign for the presidential election

He had deplored the “inquisition” of which Nicolas Hulot was the subject at the time of the revelations of the ephemeral magazine “Ebdo”, in 2018. But the day after the publication of the Special Envoy’s investigation into new accusations of rape and sexual assault against the former minister, the deputy Matthieu Orphelin this time immediately … Read more

Czarnek mad at the school program. “Demoralization, we will oppose it”

Forcing the demoralizing sex education in Gdańsk is unheard of and we will oppose it, said Minister of Education and Science Przemysław Czarnek, referring to the Zdrowe Love program implemented as part of the Gdańsk procreation support program. Przemysław Czarnek he assessed on Radio Wnet that “forcing in Gdańsk sex education Type B – such … Read more

(+) Understands that people are worried about increasing infection – Sunnmørsposten

(+) Understand that people are worried about increasing infection Sunnmørsposten 10,000 people at a festival in Ålesund this weekend: – Excited about what is happening VG In several places in the city, there are bandages. These 17,000 partygoers will be released TV 2 Several thousand participate in Jugendfest in Ålesund, at the same time the … Read more