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China’s Xi promises to build ‘great wall of steel’ in rivalry with West

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China’s Xi promises to build “great wall of steel” in rival to West

1. “Xi promises to build ‘great wall of steel'”

Xi promises to build ‘great wall of steel’

In a speech at the National People’s Congress, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced his plan to create a “great wall of steel” in order to protect national sovereignty and ensure stability. This ambitious project will involve strengthening China’s military and economic ties with neighboring countries while also enhancing the nation’s defenses against foreign adversaries.

  • Xi emphasized the importance of national unity and solidarity in achieving China’s goals.
  • He called on citizens to remain vigilant and resolute in the face of any outside threats to China’s interests.
  • The president also highlighted the need to modernize China’s military, citing the country’s growing strategic importance in the Asia-Pacific region.

Xi’s announcement comes at a time when China is facing heightened tensions with the United States over a range of issues, including trade and security. As the world’s two largest economies compete for influence in the region, many are watching closely to see how this new “great wall of steel” will impact the balance of power.

  • Some analysts have raised concerns that China’s growing military might could lead to greater instability and conflict in the region.
  • Others argue that the country’s emphasis on economic development and peaceful coexistence will help to mitigate these risks and promote stability.
  • The true impact of this ambitious project remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: China is determined to assert its position as a major player on the global stage.

2. “Xi promise to build wall of Steel”

Xi Jinping, the current President of China, has made a promise to build a “wall of steel” around his nation. This ambitious project is a part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) which aims to build up infrastructure across Asia and Africa. The wall of steel will not be a physical wall but a metaphorical one that strengthens the country’s technological and economic power.

The wall of steel will comprise multiple components that will work together for achieving China’s goals. Some of the key components of this plan include:

  • Smart cities: China will build smart cities equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, and Internet of Things.
  • Digital Silk Road: It is China’s digital version of the ancient Silk Road. Through this initiative, China aims to improve connectivity and access to digital infrastructure in partner countries.
  • Belt and Road E-commerce: China is investing in e-commerce platforms to facilitate cross-country trade and commerce.

The wall of steel is a bold plan that aims to establish China as a leading player in the global arena. However, the success of this initiative will depend on how well China can execute its plan and navigate geopolitical challenges that may arise.

3. “Xi promise to build wall of steel

China’s President Xi Jinping has promised to build a “wall of steel” around the country, pledging to strengthen the country’s military capabilities and defend against external threats. The statement comes amidst growing tensions with the United States and other global superpowers.

  • This declaration has raised concerns over China’s intentions in the international arena.
  • However, the Chinese government has emphasized that this initiative is purely defensive and aims to ensure the country’s security.

Observers believe that China’s military modernization program poses a challenge to the United States’ position as the dominant military power in the world. The “wall of steel” initiative seeks to enhance China’s military readiness, modernize its weapons systems, and strengthen its cyber capabilities.

  • The Chinese government has also emphasized the importance of peaceful coexistence and multilateralism in international relations.
  • While this announcement is likely to increase tensions, it remains to be seen how the international community will respond.


Chinese president Xi Jinping has promised to build a “Great Wall of Steel” in the rivalry with Western countries. This is in mark of good neighbourly relationship between the two nations. This wall will be made of heavy bars of iron, which will be strong and effective inmensity in against coat hives ofcombatants.

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