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Emaciated followers found at Kenyan pastor

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Bishop who recruited underweight followers from South Africa

When a South African pastor found a metro city in Kenya filled with an underweight following of his ” Emaciated Followers ” phenomenon, he wasalarmed.

The pastor, who’s been accused of running a Domino’s recommend-a-thon in which he would bring followers underweight to Nigerian hotels for weight loss, quickly found out that many of the people he had picked to come to Kenya were also struggling with their weight.

“I was shocked to see so many people who looked so thin and performance-challenged,” the pastor told local media. “I was thinking it couldn’t be right when I saw some people withigne kids, who looked like they couldn’t even fit into their clothes.”

Those not fortunate enough to find a home with a pastor at the Kenyan Respite Home for Emaciated Followers, a local homeless shelter, were instead given food and water by the pastor and his followers.


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3. Kenyan pastor who recruited underweight followers from South Africa

PG: No live

In today’s world, we’re all so used to being connected and communicating instantly with those in different parts of the world through live streaming platforms, but for those in the PG industry, that might not always be the case.

Due to the sensitive nature of PG content, live streaming is not always an option. Here are a few reasons why the industry doesn’t always utilize live streaming:

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– Emaciated followers found at Kenyan pastor

Reports have emerged about the sickening reality of a Kenyan pastor who reportedly subjected his followers to a strict fasting diet that left most of them emaciated and endangered their health. The shocking incident that took place in Nairobi came to light when authorities raided the compound of the pastor to find several men and women lying on the floor in a frail condition. The victims were immediately taken to the hospital, where doctors revealed that they had been surviving on a meager diet of water and just a few dates for several days.

The pastor, who heads a local church, was arrested by the police, and an investigation into the matter is underway. The victims, many of whom were in their teens and early twenties, revealed that they had been promised spiritual power and healing from the rigorous fasting regime. It is not yet clear how many people were affected by this appalling incident, but it highlights the dangers of blindly following religious leaders without questioning their methods.

  • Restrictive diets can cause severe health issues, particularly for people with pre-existing conditions or young adults who are still developing.
  • It is essential to seek medical advice before embarking on a fasting diet or any extreme exercise program to ensure that it is safe and healthy for your body.
  • Religious leaders should be held accountable for the well-being of their followers, and their methods should be transparent and ethical.

The incident at the Kenyan pastor’s compound is a tragic example of how religious devotion can go wrong, and it serves as a wake-up call for people to be more cautious about who they trust and follow. Let us hope that the victims recover fully, and the authorities take appropriate action to ensure that this never happens again.

– Process of emaciation

Emaciation is a medical condition characterized by extreme weight loss, typically resulting from malnourishment, chronic illnesses, or eating disorders. The process of emaciation involves a breakdown of the body’s adipose tissue, which serves as a reserve source of energy. As the body depletes its fat reserves, it begins to consume muscles and other tissues, leading to a reduction in body mass and strength.

The process of emaciation can have severe consequences on a person’s health and wellbeing, including organ failure, decreased immune function, and hormonal imbalances. It is crucial to seek medical help if you or someone you know is experiencing extreme weight loss or evident signs of malnutrition. Early detection and treatment can help mitigate the risks and improve the chances of recovery.

  • Causes of Emaciation: Emaciation can be caused by several factors, including but not limited to:
    • Cancer
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Malnutrition
    • Eating disorders
    • Chronic illnesses
    • Drug addiction
  • Symptoms: The signs of emaciation can vary depending on the underlying cause, but common symptoms include:
    • Ribcage or spinal cord visible through the skin
    • Hollow cheeks and sunken eyes
    • Loss of appetite
    • Fatigue and weakness

– Founded churches in Kenya

Founded churches in Kenya

Kenya has a diverse religious population, with Christianity being the dominant religion. Most churches in the country were founded during the colonial era, with Protestantism and Catholicism being the most prominent denominations. However, over the years, there has been a rise of independent churches that have been founded by local pastors and missionaries. Here are some of the well-known churches in Kenya:

  • All Saints Anglican Church: It was founded in 1902 and is one of the oldest churches in the country. The church is located in Nairobi and is known for its rich history and beautiful architecture.
  • Nairobi Chapel: It is a non-denominational church that was founded in 1979 by Reverend Oscar Muriu. The church has a large following in Nairobi and its environs and is known for its vibrant worship and strong community outreach programs.
  • Jubilee Christian Church: It is a Pentecostal church that was founded in 1963 by pastor Fredrick Gitonga. The church has over 15,000 members in Kenya and has branches in other African countries like Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda.
  • Mavuno Church: It is a contemporary church that was founded in 2005 by pastor Muriithi Wanjau. The church has a unique approach to preaching the gospel and has a focus on empowering its members to achieve their full potential.

These are just a few of the many churches in Kenya that have made an impact in their respective communities. Regardless of denomination, these churches have played a significant role in shaping the religious landscape of the country and continue to inspire and uplift many people.

-SCA networks

SCA Networks

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Some common examples of SCA networks include Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Z-Wave. Bluetooth is often used for wireless headphones, while Zigbee and Z-Wave are used in home automation systems for controlling lights, thermostats, and locks. SCA networks are also typically characterized by their simple and straightforward network topologies. Network configurations can range from star topologies, where many devices connect to one central device, to mesh topologies, where each device connects to multiple devices to create a mesh network. The flexibility of network topologies and low power consumption make SCA networks ideal for applications such as smart homes, healthcare, asset tracking, and remote monitoring.

  • Low power consumption
  • Low cost
  • Simple network architectures
  • Flexible network topologies

SCA networks have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the growing demand for IoT devices and applications. As a result, many technology companies are investing in new SCA network technologies and protocols to improve the performance, security, and reliability of these networks. In the coming years, we can expect to see even more advancements in SCA network technology, making them even more accessible and versatile for a variety of applications.

-Hostile environment

What is a Hostile Environment?

A hostile environment is an environment in which an individual feels uncomfortable or threatened due to the attitudes, language, or behaviors of others. It could be in the workplace, school, or any other social setting where an individual encounters others. Hostile environment can manifest in many forms such as sexual harassment, bullying, racism, LGBTQ+ discrimination and so on. These hostile behaviors and attitudes can create a toxic environment where the individual may find it difficult to perform their daily activities.

How to Identify a Hostile Environment?

  • Use of abusive language : If you notice the use of abusive language in a place or in a conversation, it could be a sign of a hostile environment.
  • Bullying and intimidation : When there is bullying or intimidation in a place, an individual can quickly feel threatened and uncomfortable.
  • Discrimination : Discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation or religion could also signify the existence of a hostile environment.
  • Isolating behavior : If you find that your colleagues or acquaintances consistently exclude you from activities, it could signal a hostile environment.

It’s important to recognize the signs of a hostile environment to be able to take proactive measures to protect oneself. Once identified, it may be necessary to speak out and report the behavior to the relevant authorities to protect not only yourself but also others who encounter similar situations.

Emaciated followers found at Kenyan pastor

In a shocking discovery, a group of emaciated followers were found at the compound of a Kenyan pastor. The group, which consisted of both adults and children, were found living in squalor and malnutrition. Their leader, who claimed to be a prophet, had promised them salvation in exchange for their devotion.

  • The followers were severely malnourished and appeared to have been living on very little food.
  • They were living in small, cramped spaces and had no access to proper sanitation.
  • Medical professionals who provided care to the group said that some of the children were suffering from stunted growth as a result of the malnutrition.

The leader, who had amassed a huge following of several hundred people, was taken into custody by the authorities. An investigation has been launched into the group’s activities and the pastor’s claims of being a prophet. In the meantime, the rescued followers are receiving medical attention and care to help them to regain their strength and health.

Process of emaciation

Emaciation is a term used to describe extreme weight loss that can result from a variety of factors, such as malnutrition, diseases, or eating disorders. The is gradual and can be harmful to one’s physical and psychological well-being. Here is a breakdown of the stages of emaciation:

  • Stage 1: Loss of Subcutaneous Fat – This stage involves the loss of adipose tissues beneath the skin. It causes the individual to look thinner as the skin becomes loose and saggy. This stage results from poor nutrition, reduced caloric intake, and physical activity.
  • Stage 2: Loss of Muscle Mass – The second stage involves the loss of muscle fibers, which can lead to muscle atrophy. During this stage, the muscles become weak, and the individual may experience fatigue, weakness, and reduced endurance. This stage results from prolonged malnutrition and a lack of physical activity.
  • Stage 3: Organ Failure – The final stage of emaciation is characterized by organ failure, including heart, liver, and kidney failure. At this stage, the individual’s body is unable to carry out normal functions, leading to severe medical complications and even death. This stage results from severe malnutrition, which affects the functioning of the vital body organs.

In conclusion, the involves the gradual loss of subcutaneous fat, muscle mass, and ultimately organ failure. It is essential to seek medical attention if you notice any significant changes in your weight, appetite, or physical health. Proper and timely medical intervention can prevent further complications and provide the necessary treatment to reverse the .

Founded churches in Kenya

Kenya is a country rich in diversity, culture, and religion. Over the years, various individuals and organizations have founded churches across the country, bringing the message of the gospel to the people. Some of these churches have become popular across the country and even beyond Kenya’s borders. Here are some of the churches that were founded in Kenya:

  • Redeemed Gospel Church: This is a pentecostal church that was founded in Kenya in 1949 by Bishop Arthur Kitonga. It has grown over the years and now has branches across the country and beyond.
  • Nairobi Chapel: This is a non-denominational church in Nairobi that was founded in 1958 by Helmut and Friedel Fritzsche. It is renowned for its youth programs and has branches in various parts of the country.
  • Deliverance Church: This is a pentecostal church that was founded in Kenya in 1981 by Bishop Mark Kariuki. It has numerous branches across the country and is known for its emphasis on prayer and spirituality.

Other churches that were founded in Kenya include the Full Gospel Churches of Kenya, Christ is the Answer Ministries (CITAM), and Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa (PEFA). These churches have all played a significant role in spreading the gospel message in Kenya and beyond.

The founders of these churches have all contributed significantly to the growth of Christianity in Kenya. Their teachings and work have impacted many lives across the country and beyond. Today, their churches continue to grow and impact even more people, making a significant difference in the lives of many Kenyans.

Hostile environment

Examples of :

  • Discrimination and harassment based on race, gender, sexuality or religion.
  • Exclusion of certain groups of people from opportunities, such as employment or education, based on their background.
  • Creating a culture of fear and intimidation, such as through verbal or physical abuse, to prevent people from speaking out or seeking help.

The Impact of :

Living in a can have a devastating impact on individuals, families, and communities. Here are some of the ways it can affect people:

  • Increased stress and anxiety, which can lead to physical and mental health problems.
  • Isolation and exclusion from society, which can lead to loneliness and depression.
  • Reduced opportunities and decreased quality of life, due to discrimination and barriers to accessing resources and services.
  • Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, which can lead to a sense of despair and resignation.

While preaching to the homeless in East Nairobi, a Pastor in the city discovered an atrophied group of followers near hismargin.

The Pastor took some pictures of the followers to show to his congregants, warning them that if they didn’t leave the area, he would Come late at night and take them away.

While some of the followers were willing to leave, most were too afraid to leave their Pastor.

Eventually, the Pastor administered a SEVITP to the followers, which subdued them and made them compliant.

Now that the followers are fully subdued, the Pastor plans to take them back to their Pastor’s house to start reforms.

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