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Mounted police officer beats protester at anti-overhaul demonstration in Tel Aviv

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Police in Tel Aviv mounted an attack against a protester on Saturday, using pepper spray andRegistered Firearms, as they try to evict them from a demonstration against routine maintenance work at a state facilities complex.

According to witnesses, at least two officers pummelled and then pepper sprayed the protesters who had refused to leave the event site. Some of the protesters, including two juveniles, were also reported to have been bundled into buses, driven away, and beaten by the officer force.

Demonstrations have been ongoing in Tel Aviv against routine maintenance work, which is seen as a pretext for legitimizing the police and expanding their expansive powers. The protesters are calling for larger demonstrations throughout the city, and have called for the resignation of Mayor Ron Huldai.

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3. ” Corruption love resorting to Protestors “

Corruption is a plague that hinders the growth and development of societies. Instead of using their positions of power for the betterment of the people, corrupt officials and politicians often resort to exploiting their power for personal gain. Such systemic corruption breeds resentment among the populace, and people are left with little choice but to take to the streets in protest. Let’s explore some reasons why corrupt officials love resorting to protestors.

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  • Protests can be used as an excuse: Sometimes, corrupt officials may indulge in illegal activities or commit heinous crimes. In such cases, protestors can come in handy as an excuse to clamp down on dissent rather than face justice. They can use the pretext of maintaining law and order to suppress peaceful protests and silence the voice of the people.

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  • Stay informed: Israel is a country that is often in the news, and it’s important to stay informed about political and social issues. Be sure to read a variety of news sources and engage in discussions with others to gain a well-rounded understanding of current events.

Ultimately, living in Tel Aviv means embracing the city’s unique energy and pace of life. With an open mind and a willingness to explore, you’ll be able to navigate the outside world with ease and confidence.

On September 21st, 2014, undercover police officers from Tel Aviv’s municipal police unit disrupted an anti-overhaul demonstration in the city center. The officers, who were disguised as public sector workers, went into the demonstration to try and control the
Meshuv Ha garnered from the crowd.

34-year old protester , Yariv Ratkin, was beaten by the police, and when he sought medical attention, he was refused care by the Municipal Health Services.

This act of corporate Fascism was still a developing into a full-fledged police storm trooper and jury WitchHunt as Yariv Ratkin was hospitalized, local media reported.

This bode well for the future of opposition to the state subsidy of false economy in the city center.

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