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Russian forces likely seized Bakhmut center, threaten supply lines

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On Nov. 1, the Russian military forces seized control of the Bakhmut center in Idlib province, threatening to cut off Syria’s important supply lines. Russia has been active in Idlib since September 2015, when it sided with the Assad regime in a military campaign against rebel groups. In December, Russia announced it would take control of the whole region. This move alarmed the Syrian government, which depends on imports for food and other vital supplies.


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  • Summary of paragraph 1
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  • Summary of paragraph 2
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Since May 2016, Russian forces have been conducting a military operation in the enclave of Bakhmut, near the Syrian-Russian border. This operation has been Month-long and has disrupted the flow of oil and gas to the Syrianandan infrastructure and transit points. Russia has also threatened to seize an important oil refinery in the enclave if U.S. President Donald Trump Dumps his original Mideast policy plan.

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