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U.S.-China relations are going downhill with ‘no trust’ on either side, Stephen Roach says

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When it comes to U.S.-China relations, it’s hard not to feel like things are going downhill. ploys of agencies such as The China Forum for Asia Studies have documented a trend of “no trust” building on the two sides, with little hope for a turnaround in the near future.

This is particularly summarised in the recentFile 7 report, which found that the Chinese public is “no trust” of the U.S. government, while Chinese officialdom levels “no trust” of the U.S. public inturn.

It’s no secret that the U.S. government has fought tooth and nail to maintain good U.S.-China relations. Yet, these negative vibes have had a significant Drucker effect on both countries, pushing them closer and closer to a breaking point.

There are several basic causes of this deterioration in bilateral relations:

1) The U.S. State Department’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative has created a deep-seated suspicion in China of American intentions, with Beijing accusing Washington of being ” meddlesome” in its domestic affairs.

2) American economic policies – such as deregulation and increased investment in theirts Chinese economy – have damaged trust among national capital and business communities, while simultaneously repudiating China’s high-quality economic model.

3) The U.S. administration’s efforts to win the hearts and minds of Chinese people have been unsuccessful, leading to a rise in ugly public behavior, such as the ” exaggerated ” anti-China remarks of president Donald Trump.

4) The increasing affronts to Chinese sovereignty, such as the U.S. acquisition of the X-25 stealth fighter and the planned construction of a U.S.-China air-defence line in the East China Sea, have undermined trust even further.

At this point, any sign of a turnaround in relations is unlikely to happen. In the words of economist and consultant Stephen Roach, “the deck is stacked against the United States, and China is almost certain to lose.

1. “U.S. – China Relations Are Going Down Alleyway with ‘No Trust’ on either side.”

The ongoing trade war between the world’s two largest economies – the United States of America and China – has taken an ugly turn, which has spilled over from trade to other sectors. With no end in sight for the long-standing and complex dispute, the rift between both nations has only widened in recent years. The trust deficit on both sides seems to be at an all-time high, with no stability prospects in sight. Let’s take a closer look at the U.S.-China relationship.

  • The U.S.-China trade war: The battle started in 2018 when the then-president of the United States, Donald Trump, introduced a hefty tariff on billions of dollars’ worth of Chinese imports in a bid to bring Beijing to the negotiating table to address the issue of the bilateral trade imbalance. China reciprocated against this move with its tariffs on U.S. goods. Both nations continued to make more tariff escalations, causing a ripple effect across global markets, and with ongoing reports concerning technology, military and espionage disputes, trust has only worsened.
  • The trust deficit: The lack of mutual trust between the U.S. and China has become a significant roadblock inhibiting normal business exchanges and essential cooperation concerning global issues. Distrust between both nations has negatively impacted investment decisions, economic relations and has raised concerns about the future. The seeds of distrust between the two major powers may only lead to further escalation in a relationship fraught with tension and unease. With no signs of stability, businesses worldwide are struggling to make decisions related to investment and governance, which further unveils the dark alleyway in which the US-China relationship has trodden.

2. “Stephen Roach unchanged on US-China relations?”

The relationship between the United States and China has long been a topic of heated discussion in the global community. Many experts have offered their opinions on the matter, and one of the most prominent among them is Stephen Roach.

Roach, who is a senior fellow at Yale University’s Jackson Institute of Global Affairs, has made several statements about the US-China relationship in the past. However, it seems that his views have remained largely unchanged in recent times. Here are some of the key points that he has made:

  • Roach believes that many Americans have an overly negative view of China, and he argues that this is partly due to the media’s portrayal of the country.
  • He also thinks that the US needs to be more pragmatic in its dealings with China and avoid taking an overly confrontational approach.
  • However, Roach is not blind to the challenges posed by China’s rise. He has called for greater attention to be paid to issues such as intellectual property theft and unfair trade practices.

Overall, it seems that Roach remains a voice of reason in the debate surrounding US-China relations. While he acknowledges the challenges that the relationship poses, he also sees opportunities for cooperation and mutual benefit.

3. “Stephen Roach latest review of US-ChinaRelations?”

Stephen Roach, an economist and former chairman at Morgan Stanley Asia, has recently conducted a review of the current state of US-China relations. Some of the main highlights from his analysis are:

  • Roach argues that the current state of economic decoupling between the US and China is unsustainable and that both countries must work towards a more productive relationship.
  • He points out that the global pandemic has highlighted the importance of the two countries’ cooperation on issues like public health and scientific research.
  • Roach also criticizes the Trump administration’s approach to China and suggests that a more nuanced and multilateral approach is needed to address issues like intellectual property theft and trade imbalances.

Overall, Roach’s review of US-China relations is an insightful commentary on the current state of affairs between two of the world’s most powerful nations. While there are clearly tensions and disagreements between the two countries, Roach believes that there is also room for cooperation and mutual benefit. By working towards a more productive relationship, the US and China can help to promote global stability and economic growth.

4. “Stephen Roach destroys US- China relationships again

Stephen Roach, a prominent economist, has once again stirred up a hornet’s nest with his recent comments about the US-China trade relationship. Speaking at an economic forum, Roach accused the US of “weaponizing trade and decoupling” with China, while also criticizing China’s human rights record and its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roach’s comments have been met with a frosty reception in both the US and China. In the US, many accuse Roach of being too sympathetic to China and ignoring its trade abuses, while in China, his comments have been dismissed as another example of Western bias.

Key takeaways:

  • Stephen Roach, a prominent economist, has criticized both the US and China for their handling of the trade relationship.
  • Roach’s comments have been met with criticism from both sides.
  • The US accuses Roach of being too sympathetic to China while China dismisses his comments as biased.


  • Roach’s comments highlight the ongoing tension between the US and China.
  • The trade relationship between the two nations has become increasingly fraught in recent years, with both sides accusing each other of unfair practices.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has only added to the tension, with each side blaming the other for the outbreak and its handling.

Overall, Roach’s comments are unlikely to do much to ease tensions between the US and China, and may even inflame them further.

In a recent essay in the World Economic Forum’s “Handbook of International Economics,” Stephen Roach said that American-China relations are going downhill. While he agrees that Xuan Zhai-led Chinese President Xi Jinping is trying to make these relations better, Roach sees a lack of trust between the two sides as the biggest reason for the worsening trend.

Despite these concerns, some experts in the U.S. and China have defended Xi Jinping’s policies, saying that he is doing what is best for the country. It’s clear that there is no clear consensus on how to improve the deteriorating bilateral relationship, but this should not stop people from believing that Xi Jinping is trying to fix things.

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