Epic Games anticipates news for Fortnite Club

 The monthly battle royale subscription brought problems to some users and they will be compensated

Where is the mysterious Predator capsule in Fortnite!

In this guide with map and video we explain how to find the mysterious Predator capsule to overcome the challenge of Find a mysterious capsule in the missions of Predator, Fortnite Jungle Hunter Season 5.

Find a mysterious capsule: the map

To complete this mission we must travel to Feudo Furtivo, the fenced area in the style of Jurassic Park which is located at the northwest end of the map. There, precisely in a northwesterly direction from the center of the cage, we will find the ship of Predator.

Find a mysterious capsule: the video

Below we also leave a video that shows how to get to the mysterious capsule - it's actually the ship of Predator - that is hidden in the northwestern sector of Feudo Furtivo.

A few hours ago, Fortnite was teasing on its official Twitter account the arrival of a mysterious capsule in the game. Well, it comes at the right time, because she's the one you're going to be asked to find on behalf of the jungle tracker quest.


To find out more about where this capsule is, just take a look at the teaser on Fortnite's account. One notices then that it has crashed into an environment that strongly resembles a jungle.

However, there are not 50 jungles on the Fortnite map, so you will have to go to Stealthy Stronghold and more precisely to the place indicated on the map to find the capsule. Be careful, this one is destructible by other players!

With the end of the mega event starring Marvel characters and the start of the new season of Fortnite in November 2020, Epic Games presented Fortnite Club (in English Fortnite Crew), a new subscription for players of the popular battle royale. This exclusive club regularly awards rewards to its members, but it has not been working quite well on some platforms.

The first months of this new initiative gave away suits and items that are only available to subscribers, but some users could not exchange them for constant technical problems. Xbox gamers, on the other hand, reported several inconveniences when canceling the Fortnite Club subscription.

On top of all this, Epic Games said it is working on new features that will not only solve all these errors, but also incorporate more new features, benefits and rewards to the service.

First, all members who enter the game before February 15 will get a special emote called Member Only. The study clarified that this benefit will be for all those who have active subscription by that date, so it includes users who are from the beginning and new members who will join in the coming weeks. It is anticipated that the emote may take 48 hours to appear.

On the other hand, they also said that they are working on "more features and great content" for their users. Although the possible news is unknown, fans are waiting to know what items and costumes will arrive with the February content package.

The Fortnite Club subscription can be purchased from the game and has different prices depending on the region in which it is purchased. The main benefit of the subscription is that it includes the Battle Pass of the season, one of the most relevant elements of the battle royale and the one that allows you to unlock the costumes, emotes, spikes and other important items of each event and season.

However, the news does not end there. Fortnite Club members also earn a thousand PaVoS (V-Bucks) per month to purchase different items from the game store.

Finally, the most exclusive element of the subscription is the Monthly Club Pack (Crew Pack). These packages always contain a new outfit along with at least one accessory. The most important thing to note about this item is that all items included in the Package are exclusive to Fortnite Club members and cannot be purchased in any other way, ie they will not appear in the game store.

Now, apart from high expectations for the content of the season, possible skins and characters that can be added, the Fortnite Club adds new elements that generate expectations among players month by month. While not everyone is happy with the benefits it includes, the subscription is just taking its first steps and can become a key tool for developers during 2021.

Fortnite's 2020 was spectacular in terms of fundraising, events and news. The pandemic pushed for an increase in users and new game modes were created, as well as more activities and initiatives were promoted in conjunction with other brands and companies in different fields. Despite making controversial decisions that have consequences today, it is clear that Epic Games will seek to maintain its dominance in the battle royale genre during 2021.

While Fortnite Club will be one of the mainstays of your plan this year, all indications are that there will also be several surprises at Fortnite in the coming months. For now, the immediate thing is to solve certain problems and continue to provide content month after month, something that developers are already more than used to.