How to Make a Conference Call

conference call

A conference call is a phone call where one or more parties are called to participate in a meeting. Sometimes referred to as an ATC, it allows everyone to hear the discussion without the need to speak to each person individually. Here's how to make a conference call. Here's how to dial-in and use the Attendee Code. Also, learn about the Organizer Access Code. This code will be required if you are the organizer of the meeting.


A dial-in conference call is a simple way for meeting participants to join the meeting from anywhere. There are many benefits to dial-in conferencing, including the ability to hold meetings without a high-speed Internet connection. It can be used in any field of life, and there's no right or wrong time to call in. In contrast, some people prefer web conferencing or video conferencing, which can feature more advanced features such as screen sharing.

When calling in to a conference group, you can type in a personal identification number (PIN) that is unique to each participant. This code must be at least eight digits long, and must be entered into the PIN text box. The Confirm PIN field allows you to verify the PIN. You can then choose which participants should hear chimes or no chime. Dial-in conference calls are convenient, and can speed up decision-making and collaboration.

Attendee Code

An Attendee Code is the unique identifier that allows a person to join a conference call. This access code typically consists of four to seven digits. It is used for both moderated and ad-hoc conference calls. It acts like a key to a meeting room. If you are the moderator or have the permission of a moderator, you must know your Attendee Code and how to use it to join the conference call.

You can also use the Attendee Code as a reminder to join a conference call. You can use the Attendee Code to remind the caller to dial the access number and enter the Attendee Code. If you have more than one person participating in the conference, the Attendee Code will help you keep track of who is present. Alternatively, if there are more than two people in a conference, a single participant can dial the number and enter the Attendee Code.

Organizer Access Code

In conference calls, the Organizer Access Code is a telephone number that is entered by organizers into the phone. Other participants enter the same code when joining the conference. The Organizer can also enter an Access Code. Both codes are valid through December 31, 2020. The organizer can assign different permission levels to conference call participants, which will enable the organizer to monitor who is on the call and control settings. The Organizer can also enter an Access Code to enable the moderator to enter the PIN.

To join a conference call, the Organizer should dial in the dial-in number or URL shared in an email or instant message. The conference call software may require an Organizer Access Code (PAC) that the caller must enter into the telephone keypad. If the conference call is being held on the web, the organizer can join the conference by entering basic details and waiting for approval. Once the Organizer Access Code has been entered into the phone number, it is displayed on the screen.