DSI seizes brand-name products 70 thousand trademark infringements

DSI and Trademark Agents Bring a search warrant to invade Rong Kluea market Seventy thousand trademark infringing products, worth more than 50 million baht, were seized.

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On August 19, 2022, Pol. Lt. Col. Payao Thongsen, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation Intellectual Property Litigation Division Lieutenant Colonel Phonsan Therdsanguan, Director of Intellectual Property Litigation Division, Ms. Jaruwan Krusata, Director of Intellectual Property Litigation Division 1, Mr. Phubet Mingkwan, Trademark Representative with 30 officers

7 search warrants from the Intellectual Property Court searched warehouses inside Rong Kluea Market, Ban Yai Subdistrict, Mueang Nakhon Nayok District, totaling 4 spots, found a large number of trademark infringing products, which were brand-name bags such as Gucci Chane. Louis Vuitton, Coach and Long Chom are in 15 warehouses totaling more than 60,000-70,000 pieces, worth more than 50 million baht.

DSI officials had to help load sacks and bags of fertilizer into 10 trucks and arrest the warehouse manager, Mr. Heng. A Cambodian, along with two other people, was taken to Bangkok. in order to be prosecuted according to the law

Mr. Phubet, a trademark representative, revealed that he knew that there are now live products for sale widely. which is a product that violates a trademark So he has been searching for information for a while until he learns from a group of Cambodian traders that Most of the products are shipped from Rong Kluea, Nakhon Nayok Province, and there are many other trademark infringing products hidden in this place.

Therefore, he notified the DSI to search and arrest. This group of traders has been arrested and prosecuted 3 times and this time is the 4th time, which is considered to be worth more than every time. This time, the total value is approximately over 50 million baht