Instagram photos boosted her career. The athlete delights the world!

The most beautiful and famous, but not the fastest of all: Alica Schmidt, the glamor girl of the athletics world. With 3.2 million followers, the 23-year-old is at the top of Instagram. Its 400 meter run during the European Championships in Munich was watched by three million TV viewers on Monday evening. In the Wednesday semi-final, the Worms-born player was eliminated last, with a time of 53.12 seconds.

Even so, Schmidt was the most sought-after competitor by international TV stations and showed no sign of dissatisfaction.

"I am very happy that I got to the semi-finals" - said the competitor. Her last international medal was also some time ago. In 2019, together with the relay, she won bronze at the U23 European Championships. During her first World Cup appearance four weeks ago in Eugene, she was eliminated in the preliminary race in both the mixed and women's relay. The competitor, taking third place at the German Championships, voluntarily canceled her individual start.

Why isn't it a sport and why her Instagram reach fills her bank account? "It focuses very specifically on individual advertising offers, also thanks to its enormous reach in social media, certainly an additional six-digit sum comes in every year," analyzes social media expert Florian Gress from WePlayForward.

In addition, she has an exclusive contract with the Boss clothing company, is a model and appears in television programs. Schmidt has just bought a second condominium in Potsdam.

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Her internet hype started in 2017. "I won a silver medal with a 4x400m relay team. I posted pictures of this and a few magazines suddenly wrote to me," recalls Schmidt. Australian magazine "Busted Coverage" named her "the hottest female athlete in the world" this year. This headline was going to pay off. From then on, the number of Schmidt followers soared. "Within a month, I had 100,000 followers, it all happened incredibly fast. It was downright scary for me," said the athlete.