M105 School transport: back-to-school agreement!

Talk it over :

The parties have finally come to an agreement that will ensure the resumption of school transportation at the same time as the start of the school year.

Quebec and the Bus Carriers Federation announced yesterday that they have reached an agreement in principle covering a period of six years.

Its adoption will be recommended by the Board of Directors of the Federation.

No details have been made public for the moment, but the Minister of Education, Jean-Fran├žois Roberge, speaks of “significant investments” and adds that the agreement “promotes greater stability in the transport sector. school, guarantees the safety of the pupils and meets, all in all, several expectations of the carriers".

Last Wednesday, the Government of Quebec had appointed Me Claude Sauvageau as special negotiator in this file.

Renewal was complicated by the fact that school carriers were hit hard by inflation, particularly on the fuel side.