Park Jin-joo and Lee Yi-kyung transfer ... Instructor Bong-Doo Yoo vs Pupil Jun-Ha Jung Snowball Fight (What do you do when you participate in?)

Teacher Yoo Bong-doo's special faculty lesson can take put.
In the MBC enjoyment software "What Do You Do When You Engage in?" (directed by Park Chang-hoon, Kim Jin-yong, Jang Woo-seong, Wang Jong-seok, Shin Hyun-bin / author Choi Hye-jeong), which aired on September 3, the remarkable new semester of Park Jin-joo and Lee Yi-kyung.

The shots posted demonstrate the children in the class taking part in a variety of lessons prepared by Yoo Bong-doo, these as singing a nursery rhyme, writing an illustrated journal, and waltzing. It is the back again doorway that the laughter did not quit all over the class, where every single particular person bought a glimpse of their individuality and feeling of fun.

The little ones recreated and sang the nursery rhyme in their own style with Lee Mi-joo's windpipe accompaniment. Bong-doo Yoo attracted interest by building dance moves extra fascinating than the pupils. The youngsters are said to have adopted the trainer and released their first dance moves according to the text, sparking curiosity about the form of ingenious dance movement born.

The presentation of the illustrated diary that contains the happiest instant ongoing. Jung Jun-ha, who is really serious about painting, aroused a large amount of anger from his pals by drawing at a sluggish pace. Bong-doo Yoo is admiring the mature expressive electrical power of kids who are not elementary faculty college students, and the emphasis is on the variety of illustrated journals the kids will have to have drawn.

Above all, the time of the waltz, where by you come to feel the thirst for blood, is already earning you laugh. The kids showed the unity of madness to the rhythm of 'Kung Clap Clap Kung Clap Clap'. Furthermore, the sudden confrontation amongst instructor Yoo Bong-doo and scholar Jung Jun-ha stimulates curiosity about the predicament. It airs each individual evening at 6:25 pm.

Hyeyoung Kim / Picture courtesy of MBC