the losses of the Russian Federation have approached a new psychological indication: UNIAN

One more 25 enemy tanks have been wrecked in our country.

Losses of the Russian Federation in the war with Ukraine approached a new psychological sign: they amounted to about 49,050 men and women.

For the duration of the day, yet another 350 opponents have been wrecked in our region, reported The general team of the Ukrainian armed forces on Fb.

According to him, one more 25 enemy tanks, 37 armored overcome vehicles, 8 artillery units, 4 various rocket launch devices, 1 aircraft, 11 operational-tactical drones, 5 cruise missiles and 21 cars ended up ruined on our soil. .

The invaders suffered the finest losses in the Donetsk and Krivoy Rog directions.

More than 300 liquidated occupants in Ukraine per day / infographic

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We recall that Russian troops invaded Ukraine with out declaring war in the early early morning of February 24, bombed the two army and civilian constructions and captured several settlements in the east and south of our nation.

The APU offers a worthy refusal to the enemy. At the close of August in the south of our place the soldiers launched a counter-offensive.

As of September 2, it turned acknowledged that some 48,700 invaders ended up destroyed on our soil.

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