The mayor lights a candle from grandfather Nikolay? Only this can save the persons of Plovdiv from their incompetence and inaction!


The place about Plovdiv has been disastrous in the latest times. Daily informs you about floods, flooded properties, persons evacuated. All this is occurring a handful of kilometers from Plovdiv, and close to the "dwarf" watering holes as opposed to Maritsa.

So considerably Plovdiv is only having away with the extremely favorable perspective of mom mother nature, that the rain is not bad just in the Maritsa watershed, but in the community. Perhaps the mayor Zdravko Dimitrov he lights candles every single working day for his good friend Metropolitan Nicola. We hope that at minimum he comprehended it, even if we doubt it.

However, the millennial Plovdiv has a mayor who is not acceptable for the head of a sheep farm. Following all, he is buddies with Plovdiv's most well-known pig farmer, evidently he analyzed politics with him. The effects for both are similarly tragic.

Leaving aside the managerial incompetence Zdravko Dimitrov, is currently painfully acknowledged to all people of Plovdiv. However, this incompetence currently threatens the lives and residences of tens of hundreds of Plovdiv citizens. The explanation is that Maritsa does not have a watering gap in the city. It has long been overgrown with vegetation and turned into a jungle, after its cleaning was extended delayed. There was apparently no ideal enterprise, to give "adjust" to the mayor for cleaning the river bed.

The truth is that it is in a deplorable point out and we can only pray to God and the meteorologists that the rains will cross the Maritsa watershed, due to the fact in any other case in Plovdiv it will develop into unattractive and frightening.