The movie "Hello, Brother" is set to send joy on September 9

The movie "Hello, Brother" is set to send joy on September 9

2022-09-03 18:54:32Source: Xi'an News Network

Xi'an News Network News directed by Zhang Luan, starring Ma Li, Chang Yuan, Wei Xiang, Jia Bing, Huang Yuntong, Han Yanbo, Zhang Yiming, Hao Pengfei, Li Yining, Li Taoyao, Liu Yuqiao, Zhang Jiawen, Lv Ning starring in the movie "Brother". , hello" will officially land on the national theater chain in the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 9. The movie released a preview of the "Beautiful Moon and Full Moon" version today, and the comedy King Fried Combination is coming.

The reporter learned that in the preview of the "Beautiful Moon" version exposed today, the straightforward Da Liu (played by Ma Li) took the initiative to approach Wu Hongqi (played by Wei Xiang), his favorite object. Shy doesn't know how to take the relationship one step further. Xiao Wu (Chang Yuan), who accidentally traveled to the 1980s, was determined to help his parents fall in love and acted as a divine assist. The emotional progress bar between Da Liu and Wu Hongqi was stagnant, and Xiao Wu was anxious. He chose a simple, rude and laughable way to shout: "Speak!" In addition, he also prepared a bunch of Da Liu's favorite. Violet, strong assists continue to output. The laughter in the preview is impressive, and the performances of veteran comedians Ma Li, Chang Yuan and Wei Xiang instantly filled the laughter.

The film tells the story of Xiao Wu (Chang Yuan), who has been at odds with his father Wu Hongqi (played by Wei Xiang) all the year round, and returned to the 1980s by accident, accidentally disturbing the first encounter between his mother Lu Chunli (played by Ma Li) and his father. In order to correct this mistake, he tried his best to return to the past again and again, encouraging his mother to chase after his father. In the movie "Hello, Brother", comedians such as Ma Li, Chang Yuan, Wei Xiang, and Jia Bing are assembled. The audience is looking forward to what kind of comedy effect it will bring to many audiences. In this regard, Ma Li said: "We have cooperated with Chang Yuan and Wei Xiang many times, and everyone has a tacit understanding. However, during this cooperation process, we have felt each other's growth and some differences. Brother Xiang is the first It was the first time I acted as a husband and wife, and it was the first time I played an emotional drama so delicately. Brother Xiang is a very straightforward person, but now he is a lot gentler and more emotional." It is worth mentioning that Ma Li also revealed that This is the first cooperation with Jia Bing. The first time I saw him, I thought he was a very humorous person.

The key word given by Chang Yuan for this cooperation feeling is also "tacit understanding", he said: "I think the understanding is affirmative first, our group of people is like a pair of hands. Everyone stays together every day, to say I can guess everything. I know what they want to do when I stand up and go, and I can catch it. The emotional scene is also very strong, as is the comedy scene. I give Sister Li a look, she I just know how to answer, it's very tacit and very rare! The so-called colleagues, in fact, the few of us are really colleagues."

Zeng Shixiang, an all-media reporter from Xi'an Press